Fraudsters are pretending to be linked to a central bank to trick people into letting go of their money, which has appeared.

Regulators have warned the public about six fraudulent entities using the central bank logo and name to deceive consumers.

Unauthorized entities are Assist Finance, Cofino Capital, CFDS Invest, FX Finance Kredit, Roalix Finance, and CFDS Finance.

The central bank said these companies are disguising it to withdraw money from consumers.

Normally, these fraudulent entities operate as retail credit companies without proper approval.

Regulators claim to be a central bank partner by illegally using the central bank’s name and logo to deceive consumers.

“This scam is an example of an” advanced fee scam “that requires prepayment before offering a loan. Loans are never offered, “the central bank said.

Regulators said they would never contact consumers seeking money, personal data, or personal public service (PPS) numbers.

He added that if something that seems too good is offered, it is likely to be a scam.

He advised the public to rethink before making financial decisions or providing personal information.

Consumers were advised to stop and ask themselves what the company is offering and who is contacting them. Warning signs are when people are in a hurry to provide personal or financial information.

Consumers were advised to confirm that the company was legal by checking the central bank’s register to see if the company was licensed.

Even if the company appears to be licensed, consumers still need to make sure it is genuine. They need to check for irregularities such as misspellings and grammatical errors on company websites, emails, or documents.

Consumers have been told to seek advice from someone they trust to help you make good financial decisions.

The central bank said it has a dedicated unit to investigate alleged fraud or potential fraud committed by individuals or businesses.

“We have thoroughly investigated all suspected cases of fraud or potential fraud and are in close contact with Irish police,” he said.

Earlier this week, the Central Bank of Ireland issued a warning to the general public in connection with Currys Fort Asset Estate, the “unlicensed” financial company of convicted fraudster Catriona Carrie.

The company said it was not authorized by the central bank to provide financial services.

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