CESL Asia will begin selling sustainable beef produced in the Alentejo region of Hong Kong, Portugal, its president António Trindade told Lusa.

“At this point, the first container has arrived. [in Hong Kong]A partnership with a local distributor has been established and will be launched right now, “said the businessman-emphasized “True Born” meat brand produced by Monte de Pasto.

António Trindade, in addition to the logistical challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, “True Born” is “a new brand, not just a new territory that rarely exists in the market” in China’s SAR. I emphasized. ..

In 2020, the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture announced that six Portuguese companies, including one from Allentejo, were allowed to export beef to Hong Kong.

Meat is produced in Montedo Pasto, the Montado area of ​​Allentejo, Cuba, which contributes to increased investment and economic production in the countryside.

According to the president of CESL Asia, about 98% of Montedo Pasto production is exported to Israel and other markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

The “True Born” brand is already on sale in Macau, another special administrative region of China. But Antonio Trindade regretted that it was still impossible to export to China, which he considers “incomprehensible.”

In 2019, Portugal signed a cooperation agreement to promote the export of foods, including sheep and beef, to China through simplified procedures.

Monte de Pasto announced on Wednesday the acquisition of 455 hectares of Herdade das Gregas de Cima, leaving 4,200 hectares of area dedicated to irrigated agriculture and sustainable livestock.

According to António Trindade, this purchase means an increase of almost 15% in the available area, which will also allow the company to start investing in mutton production.

Sales of Montedo Pasto are increasing in both meat quantity and recipes, “it’s not difficult today because of rising prices,” recalled the president of CESL Asia.

In 2021, Montedo Post sales “almost 50% above plan, and will continue to grow this year due to lack of capacity yet,” the businessman admitted.

Macau-based CESL Asia employs about 500 people in a variety of business areas, from services to technical solutions, and “the activity being carried out in Portugal is € 30 million,” Antonio Trindade said. I told Lusa in May.

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