London: With a fanfare of trumpets and a gun salute, Charles III was formally proclaimed king in a lavish ceremony on Saturday and pledged a lifetime of service, following in the footsteps of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. From the balcony of St. James’s Palace, after a historic Accession Council meeting by royalty, clergy and government, court officials in feathered bicorns and hats called Prince Charles “our only one.” declared to be the lawful and rightful monarch of

The centuries-old tradition of councils was broadcast live for the first time when 73-year-old Prince Charles was officially announced as monarch after 70 years as heir. In a speech before taking the oath, Prince Charles said, “I am deeply aware of this great legacy and the duties of sovereignty and heavy responsibility that have been passed to me.” I strive to follow the inspirational example set by

Eight trumpeters accompanied the proclamation, followed by red-jacketed Coldstream Guard soldiers in distinctive bearskin hats who cheered the new king three times. A relic of the past, when gun salutes rang out all over Britain and the nation needed to be notified of the birth of a new king, the proclamation was also read publicly in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

His Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah sent a telegram to King Charles III on Saturday to extend his deepest congratulations on his coronation as monarch. His Majesty wished King Charles III the best of luck following the course of development seen in friendly Britain. Much of this process was laid down by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Furthermore, His Highness recognizes the deep-rooted, solid and historical relationship that unites the two gracious families, the friendly people within the framework of mutual understanding and cooperation, the joint dedication to enhancing these ties, and the various He expressed his deep pride in expanding cooperation in the field. It will strengthen the strategic partnership between friendly countries of both countries.

His Royal Highness also wishes the well-being of His Majesty King Charles III and the Royal Family, and that Britain and its friendly people continue to progress and prosper under his wise leadership. Deputy Sheikh Amir and His Royal Highness Sheikh Mishal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Crown Prince and Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah also sent congratulatory telegrams to King Charles.

Prince Charles, who automatically became monarch following the Queen’s death Thursday at age 96, is the latest step in a 10-day program of set-pieces leading up to her state funeral. An emotional Prince Charles set the tone for his reign in a televised address Friday, calling out his “beloved mama” for her “unwavering devotion” to the throne for a record-breaking 70 years. I praised you.

The speech dominated the front pages of British newspapers on Saturday, with headlines in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail and The Sun, along with heartfelt tributes to his mother. When Charles looked pensive. King created front-page images for The Independent, The Guardian, and The Times, which also included the words, “God save the king.”

The new king also named his eldest son and heir, Prince William, 40, as the new Prince of Wales, and expressed his love for his younger son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan. The move means William’s wife, Kate, will inherit the title of Princess of Wales, once held by his mother and Charles’ ex-wife, the late Princess Diana.

A crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace to mourn the Queen, wish Charles well and greet him with cheers and kisses when he arrived from Scotland on Friday. I think the King is different,” said Sarah Bardien, a 53-year-old Londoner, when he was officially proclaimed Prince Charles nearby. She said, “A queen has always been a queen – always the same, no drama.”

Recruiter Danny Van Raanen, 36, said Prince Charles had “a big job to fill” as the successor to his widely respected mother. “I hope he succeeds in modernizing the monarchy,” he said. Charles, who has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years since the death of Princess Diana in a car accident in 1997, has come under deep unease in Britain over the rising cost of living and the international instability caused by the war in Ukraine. ascended the throne while

The constitutional monarch is set to stay out of politics, but has hinted that he will refrain from speaking out on issues he has been outspoken about, such as climate change. British Prime Minister Liz Truss, just appointed by the late King on Tuesday, expressed her country’s support for Charles in parliament on Friday, acknowledging her “great responsibility” to Charles.

At his first formal audience at Buckingham Palace, Charles said his mother’s death was “a moment, as many of you know, that I was dreading, but you’re going to keep everything going.” The Speaker and elected senior MPs pledged allegiance to the new king on Saturday, and Charles met again with Cabinet and opposition leaders in addition to Truss.

Buckingham Palace has announced an extended period of mourning for Charles and other members of the royal family from now until seven days after the funeral. It hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to be on Monday, September 19th.

British security officials plan what has been called perhaps the ‘greatest police and protection effort’ in British history as London prepares to host world leaders. Joe US President Biden has announced that he will attend. The Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin is at odds with Western powers over an invasion of Ukraine, but has no intention of doing so. Putin, however, offered his “heartfelt congratulations” on Prince Charles’ accession to the throne. In a telegram, the Kremlin leader said: “I wish your Majesty success, good health and, above all, good luck.

The government has said there is no obligation for organizations to cease operations during the 10-day period of mourning, but many do so out of respect. England’s Premier League has postponed all matches this weekend and rail and postal workers have called off their strike over wages amid soaring inflation and soaring energy prices. However, English cricket said goodbye to the Queen.When play resumed in a test match against South Africa, the oval ground went quiet after being suspended after the Queen died.

Elizabeth’s body is currently resting in her beloved Balmoral retreat in Scotland, where she died, and will be transported overland to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on Sunday. Senior royals, including the Queen’s other children, Princess Anne and Princes Andrew and Prince Edward, were outside Balmoral on Saturday to view flowers and greet well-wishers.

On Monday, the coffin will be carried in procession along the Royal Mile to the magnificent St Giles Cathedral, where a service will be held. From the Scottish capital, I plan to travel to London on Tuesday and stay in the states for a few days. Officials expect more than a million people to pass the catafalque of Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Houses of Parliament, before a televised funeral at Westminster Abbey opposite.

The Queen’s funeral, which took the throne in 1952 at the age of just 25, is celebrated in the form of a national day of mourning. The coronation of Prince Charles is an elaborate ceremony steeped in tradition and history, taking place in the same historical setting for centuries, though the date is yet to be determined.

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