The day before he became king, Prince Charles invited his friend Alan Tichmarsh to come over for tea.

The prince worked and entertained guests at Dumfries House in Cumnock on Wednesday, the broadcaster and the gardener said.

He said that after dinner at his home in East Ayrshire, the heir to the throne and his guests had coffee in a tapestry-lined gallery and played “jolly Scottish air” on guitar and pennywhistle.

Titchmarsh told The Sunday Telegraph, “The prince tapped his feet to the music, handed a bottle of Scotch to the man blowing the whistle and a bottle of champagne to the woman playing the guitar, casually. We were chatting,” he wrote.

“The recital was short and the applause was genuine. After walking around the room, shaking hands with almost everyone there, smiling and thanking them for coming and encouraging their efforts, the prince made his way to the exit. I got

“As I was standing by the door, he took my hand for the last time and said, ‘Come see me soon for a cup of tea.’ He left the room as Duke, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, and various other titles, and he was happy;


Charles and Alan Titchmarsh share a love of the outdoors (Chris Jackson/PA)

“The next day he got up early as usual, but by mid-afternoon those ancient designations had been redistributed among the younger members of the family. Now a duke, Prince Charles has only one title: King.”

King Charles III was officially confirmed as the country’s new monarch at a meeting of the Accession Council on Saturday.

The Queen’s Coffin begins its journey to its final resting place on Sunday morning as it travels from Balmoral to Edinburgh.

In London, Prince Charles will meet the Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Baroness of Scotland, at Buckingham Palace, before welcoming the High Commissioner of the State, for whom he is Head of State, and his spouse in the royal residence’s Bow Room.

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