Chatmore British International School said, “We will start offering the first online school in September 2022.”

A spokeswoman said:

“While continuing to offer direct learning at Smith’s Parish location, Chatmore ConnectEd will provide live online learning to students ages 7-18, allowing online students to engage in Chatmore on-site programming such as clubs and extracurricular activities. Offers the option to participate.

“Chatmore ConnectEd offers year-round timetables, a wide range of subjects with live interactive classes, 24/7 lesson access, a personalized international curriculum and more.”

“For students preparing for exercise or professional programs abroad, or for families in transition or relocation around the world, this new online service makes the right learners truly supportive. Get the most out of your individual talents in a learner-centric educational environment. Curriculum delivery needs a boost for students and home learners who want a more interactive learning experience. It may also be useful for schools.

“The partnership between Chatmore ConnectEd and King’s InterHigh brings unique benefits to online learners in a face-to-face school community. Online learners can play clubs, extracurricular activities and welfare both online and at Smith’s Parish campus. You will have the opportunity to participate in care and career guidance. “

Gareth Lucas-Howells, Head of Educational Partnerships at King’s InterHigh, commented: -On-campus and off-campus UK international curriculum for students ages 7-18. “

Mrs. Britanni Butterworth, Director of Chatmore Briton International School, said:

“Pandemic has created an opportunity. With over 16 years of experience as a proven UK original online school, King’s InterHigh Philosophy and Academic Courses are particularly well suited to Chatmore’s values, spirit and vision. increase.”

A spokeswoman said: “The partnership with King’s InterHigh also provides students with a choice of summer camps and on-campus interaction at 70 premium-inspired schools on five continents. Chatmore’s online school is a high-quality nerve. In addition to scientific mathematics and literacy solutions, live online courses at the British School of Etiquette will continue to be included. “

“As Chatmore collaborates with King’s InterHigh, the Bermuda School will continue to function as an exciting and transformative learning option on the island, supporting its own learners in the right way, as a small family-first school18. Maintaining a yearly course. Chatmore currently offers face-to-face learning for students ages 4-18.

“Established in 2004 as a kindergarten and child learning center, Chatmore British International School has grown significantly from its origins to become the first and only COBIS accredited school in Bermuda.

“On Smith’s Parish’s stunning four-acre grounds, the school has tennis courts, a work garden, and a sturdy green space that is fully useful for children’s play and healthy physical development.

“Chatmore ConnectEd will be hosting a free open information session over the next few weeks and is interested in enrolling and attending sessions for anyone interested in a full-time online school, or adding courses to their children’s or student portfolio. I’m inviting someone with

“We will share information about September 2022 course offerings, admissions, online class experiences, and offerings with Kings Inter-High. To attend the session, or email: Please contact us at or call 236-3339. “

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