The Department of Marine Water has announced the closure of Hacksa Beach and Chockbang Beach starting today (Thursday). Fences are installed at the entrance and exit of the beach to keep out.

According to DSAMA’s announcement, all swimming and water sports near the beach area will also be suspended until further notice.

In addition, the Civil Affairs Bureau (IAM) has temporarily suspended the opening of public facilities such as parks, leisure areas, stadiums, activity centers, indoor facilities, and exhibition halls.

The Sports Department also announced that the opening of all public sports facilities will be suspended until further notice.

According to health officials, the number of confirmed cases enrolled in the city in recent outbreaks has skyrocketed to 110.

In light of the latest developments, the government has ordered the suspension of all entertainment, sports and leisure facilities, and the suspension of food services in restaurants and drink shops from 5 pm today. Casinos are exempt from this total ban.

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