Being a parent with a young child does not mean that you have to give up going out to eat. The Grand Duchy has many places to encourage families to eat out, such as playgrounds, craft tables, cartoons and children’s corners with toys.

This is by no means a definitive list, but it’s the beginning. Let us know if you missed a local restaurant that’s perfect for families with young children...

If you have very few small children – check out our article on activities for parents with babies and toddlers.

And happiness Mother’s Day To all mothers in Luxembourg.

Restaurant / playground combo

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing like a three-course meal while kids run out of all their energy in the sandbox, swings, and slides. These restaurants have a playground on the premises or are adjacent and far enough to monitor children, but it’s probably best to request a table nearby. We will let you know if the playground is not very close.

Brasserie dumusée – Rumelange

Head south to the Mining Museum and the brasserie next door, where you’ll enjoy the bright and spacious interior space and the lovely terrace overlooking the park and playground. The very reasonably priced menu includes Luxembourg dishes such as Juddmat Gardene, Knödel, salads, pasta, fish and meat dishes, so children and adults can choose.

Sieweburen – Rollingergrund

A lovely playground, a large pond, and a stream across from this restaurant are great places to explore nature and have lunch. The restaurant is located on the edge of the Ban Besh Forest, so you can go for a walk or later visit the large playground near the tennis courts. Again, a good selection of Luxembourg dishes, including salads, meats, fish, vegetarian dishes as well as Grom Pereki Chelcher with a kids menu.

The other side of the forest you find Juegdschlass Great kids menu, nice terrace and donkey nearby. The playground is quite tired, but after lunch the forest becomes a playground.

Chalet Am Brill – Pavillon Am Brill – Mamer

Surrounded by large terraces and swings, rope bridges, slides and lawn sai, this chalet in Mondorf offers plenty of entertainment for young children, dressed in fish and meat dishes, risotto, pasta, or flam queche. Wrap it. There is also a kids menu and a special Mother’s Day menu this Sunday.

Head to Mamer Park and the small terrace Pavillon AmBrill for a bird’s-eye view of the playground, including wooden climbing towers, tube slides, small swings, ziplines, climbing walls and, for older children, basketball and soccer pitches. A skate park with a half pipe. The menu isn’t extensive, but there are always some options, as well as children’s ice cream, in addition to the food of the day. It’s also a great place for an afternoon apéritif.

Club 5am Park – Esch-sur-Alzette

In addition to a nice large and shaded terrace, in addition to a sand-covered playground with swings, slides and lockers nearby, if you want to tire or appetite your kids first, so much from the swimming pool Not far. In addition to the extensive selection of carpaccio, the kids menu has meat, fish, pasta and, rarely, some vegetable choices.

Restaurant L’Inconnu – Schengen

Riverside views and a playground space surrounded make this the perfect pit stop for the family. Nice suggestions from the chef, such as pizza, pasta, saffron sauce scallops and asparagus. Then stroll around Schengen, which has plenty of family-friendly trails through the surrounding vineyards.

Brasserie Opdelgar-Clemancy

A quick meal at this lovely little restaurant in the beautiful village of Clemancy. Choose a terrace near the playground and watch the children weave across the rope suspension bridge in a small wooden castle. There are plenty of train souvenirs and even the old baby carriages that store cutlery have a cozy, kitsch but homely atmosphere in this place. You are a hamburger, pasta, Garrett Depom In addition to (potato cake), we also have a wide variety of kids’ menus and daily menus.

There is a big trampoline that bounces before lunch Op der Gare With Lintgen.

Brasserie Baimpia – Mufort

Make hay while the sun is shining, or in this case grab a table on the nice lawn of this restaurant with a small wooden play park and plenty of space to run around. Next to the horse riding center, children can catch horses at their own pace. In addition to this Sunday’s menu, salmon, rabbits and Knödel also have a vegetarian menu.

There is no playground, but if your kids love horses, you can enjoy the restaurant Alto Lot At Beaufort. Pizza and pasta are orders for the day.

Bei dem Zwillingen – Junglin Star

If you want to enjoy some of the finest family dining, you don’t have to be a member of a golf club to dine at this playground facility. Great selection of dishes from around the world, including Thai curry, or if you prefer simple ones, croque monsieur, and kids menu.

Restaurant Becher Gare – Bech

Terraces, playgrounds, and Marel Tar Trails, what more can families want? The playground is outdoors rather than on the restaurant grounds, so responsible children or adults should check them out. Meat and fish dishes, as well as children’s options, plus views of the surrounding countryside hills.

La Caravelle / Lentz Parc and B13 – Bertrange

Let’s face it, family meals are spoiled for choice in Bertrange, with three strategically located locations near the playground. The round restaurant La Caravelle has a bright and airy atmosphere, with large glass windows and terraces, and several aircraft for children to marvel at. The menu includes fish, meat, Knödel and a wide variety of desserts.

At the Helfent end of the belt range, Lenzpark is near two small playgrounds with plenty of mountaineering potential. In addition, you can walk along the river into the belt range and pass by several other playgrounds. B13 is located in the center of the village, along the river, near a lovely playground. In either case, you may not always be able to see your child from the restaurant, so it is not suitable for parents with young children, or eat first and then play.

Pavilion-Park Merle

A solid family favorite, right next to the park, which will be refurbished for all families next year. Sit by the duck pond while the kids spend time on the toboggan slides and zip wires (many of the restaurants don’t completely see the playground). There is also a trampoline in the summer. Tarte Flamebé offers burgers, healthy bowls and kids’ menus in addition to the menu headings.

Rainy Day – Kids Corner or Entertainment

Of course, it’s not always the perfect sunshine, and there are sometimes winters when you need to leave the house as a family. Here are some places where there are play corners and organized activities.

Sunday Branch – Mamer Shelter Kirchberg and Le T’chiz Belval

I need a peaceful Sunday brunch. Then look at either Kirchberg’s Mamer Shelter or Belval’s Le T’chiz. In the former, kids animators are available from 13.00 to 15.00, with table football and petanque to keep occupying older children during the brunch. For special celebrations, the roof terrace offers stunning views.

In the latter, brunch is served from 12.00 to 16.00, and children’s animators do activities that keep kids hooked while enjoying a meal. The activity is thematic and takes place in the area with the camera for security and safety.

Rhino Steakhouse – Clairvaux

“A little nod to the kids in a kids-only space” Enjoy steaks and burgers at this elegant facility. The set menu is a great price, and there is also a kids menu. After lunch, you can take your little prince or princess to the replica museum of the castle.

Le Bon Repos – Scheidgen

Grilled meat and fish, burgers and pasta, and kids’ menus should keep everyone happy. There is a playground with a jungle gym, a slide and a swing behind the restaurant, so put the terrace table in your bag. On rainy days, there is a screen that displays cartoons. If you need a quick spin after lunch, you can rent a bike on site.

Trois Quarts – Merterts

After enjoying a Chinese banquet, head to this restaurant with a children’s area. The menu includes a comprehensive list of Chinese dishes, as well as dim sum, sushi and Mongolian dishes.

Pizzeria Il Ritrovo – Luxembourg City

An unpretentious family place with a small playground with a cartoon TV and a small table for arts and crafts. The toys are limited, but you can bring your own coloring book. A large selection of pizza and pasta and a pretty good selection of meat and fish dishes should keep everyone happy.

Strogoff – Luxembourg City

The play corner on the ground floor of this popular Place de Paris restaurant serves cheese and pork, as well as steak tartare and daily dishes. The restaurant offers stunning views and is the perfect place for lunch when you have a Christmas market or a trade fair ride across the street.

Antica Trattoria-Mel

With a shaded terrace and large interiors in this Italian location, it serves pizza, pasta and a variety of dishes from the region. There’s a corner with a drawing table and a TV with cartoons, so you won’t be crazy about eating, but you can give your parents a little rest. If the weather is nice, it is less than a million miles from Merle Park.

Il Pizzico – Senningen

This pizzeria’s children’s space with a lovely terrace area is the perfect place to shake off your grandparents at Luxembourg Airport. Pizza, pasta, risotto, fish and meat dishes should keep everyone happy,

Snooze Belval – IKEA Sports Bar with Kitchen

It may not be ideal to take your child to a sports bar, but just in case the World Cup is imminent … this hamburger joint has a wide screen for sports and a child. There is a small wooden kitchen where you can cook yourself. We also offer an American Sunday brunch.

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