Intentional headlines could be completely banned from football for children under the age of 12 in England during the two seasons.

The Football Association announced on Monday that the board of directors of the International Football Association, the legislator of the game, has approved an attempt to remove headlines in certain grassroots tournaments and leagues scheduled for next season.

If successful, the FA will apply to IFAB to amend the law and remove headings below level 12 from the 2023-24 season.

This follows the introduction of guidance in 2020 that advised coaches not to practice heading in soccer training for children under the age of 11, followed by light heading for training from under 12 to under 16 levels. Introduced in stages.

A recommended limit of 10 high force headers per week in training was also introduced in professional soccer and adult grassroots games before the start of last season.

The trial application is part of an FA attempt to mitigate the potential risk of ball heading as research continues on the possible association of ball heading with neurodegenerative disease. ..

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