Workers from Caculo Cabaça’s Angola hydropower project and management from China Gezhouba Group Company (CGCG), a Chinese contractor, have signed a collective bargaining agreement to improve working conditions.

Following on-site protests that caused a fatal clash between workers and police, the agreement was signed in the presence of Angola’s Minister of Energy and Water, Joan Baptista Borges, at the same time as a watchdog. Proposed the establishment of a society. To confirm compliance with the agreement between the parties. “

According to the Ministry of Energy and Fisheries, the first secretary of the union committee for hydropower projects, Leonardo Bait Chapa “recognized the minister’s leadership and availability in the negotiation process that benefited the parties.”

In late May, Joan Baptista Borges gave workers on the Caculo Cabaça hydropower project and management of Chinese contractor CGCG (China Gezhouba Group Company) 15 days to end the deadlock that led to workers’ claims and death. I let you.

For the Minister of Angola, the agreement between the parties said it was a historic day for the project and provided better working conditions.

Deputy Governor Leonor Garibaldi also attended the ceremony, stating that the bill is “an important milestone for Quanzanorte, especially given the importance of national infrastructure.”

Strike workers involved in the construction of the Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric power plant in Quanza Norte demanded salary increases, better working conditions, food and medical assistance.

According to CLBrief, the deal came after two Angola workers on the project were killed in a police conflict last May after complaining about the contractor.

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