Shanghai: China launched its largest and most modern aircraft carrier on Friday, demonstrating great military progress for Asian superpowers.

The announcement is made during times of heightened tensions between China and the United States over Beijing’s barbaric struggle with Taiwan and is considered a separate state that will be forcibly seized if necessary.

China’s aircraft carrier development program is part of a major PLA review under President Xi Jinping, who will build a “fully modern” army comparable to the U.S. military by 2027. I swore.

The new aircraft carrier, named Fujian, is “the first catapult aircraft carrier fully designed and manufactured by China,” said CCTV, a state-run broadcaster.

A line of sailors in white uniforms applauded under a cloud of colorful smoke as a jet of water arced over a huge ship to indicate its launch.

A colorful streamer hangs from the flight deck, and a large banner says “… strive for a comprehensive construction of a prestigious navy.”

The launch of an airline is a major milestone for the Chinese military.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, it has far more advanced technology than the other two airlines in China, such as the electromagnetic catapult that launches the aircraft from the deck.

Other airlines (Liaoning and Shandong) use ski jump style ramps for takeoff.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the displacement is over 80,000 tons, and its size is comparable to the US Navy’s super carrier, analysts say.

――’Game changer’ ――

Colin Kou, a researcher at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said it could be a “game changer” for the Chinese Navy.

“Conventional flight decks with (electromagnetic catapult), at least in theory, allow aircraft to launch faster and with heavier payloads, which constitutes an important determinant in combat. “I will,” he told AFP.

“At a strategic level, the new aircraft carrier heralds the arrival of the PLA Navy era in Qinghai.”

The Blue-Water Navy can operate in a vast area of ​​the world.

However, it will take many years for Fujian to go live. Authorities have not disclosed when the service will begin.

Liaoning went into service in 2012 and Shandong went into service in 2019.

Shandong was the first aircraft carrier built entirely by China.

According to defense magazine Janes, the United States operates an overwhelming majority of aircraft carriers with 11 ships, followed by China and the United Kingdom, with two each.

Unlike the US Navy’s nuclear supercarriers, Fujian uses traditional propulsion. Nuclear ships have significant advantages over traditional ships because they can operate for extended periods of time without the need for docking or refueling.

– Taiwan tension –

The launch of the aircraft carrier will take place during periods of heightened geopolitical tensions as Washington seeks to strengthen its military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Last year, the United States signed a historic agreement with the United Kingdom to share nuclear submarine technology with Australia, and since then has sold multiple weapons to autonomous Taiwan, causing an angry reaction from Beijing.

Meanwhile, China mediated an unprecedented security agreement with the Solomon Islands earlier this year, agitating fears of China’s military base in the Pacific and blinding Washington and its allies.

In recent years, Beijing has deployed naval assets as a sign of power in the strait that separates Taiwan from mainland China.

He also used fighters to repel the freedom of navigation patrols by the United States and its allies.

Chinese defense minister Wei Fenghe warned US respondents last week that if Taiwan declared independence, Beijing would “do not hesitate to start a war, regardless of cost.”

State media reported that the PLA’s latest aircraft carrier was named after Fujian Province in China, opposite Taiwan.

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