Chinese actress Crystal Chan has accused her ex-boyfriend, Chinese actor Xu Kaicheng, of being a fraud.

On Thursday night (August 25), she posted a seven-minute recording on Weibo of a private conversation between the two.

In it, he is heard confessing to Chan that he had sex with a woman after drinking at a friend’s house.

He said he didn’t dare tell her about it because he was worried that she would break up with him.

Mr. Zhang, who thought he was only with his male friends, cried and said that he needed to cool down his admission.

Her Weibo post was captioned, “Serial criminal. Hope all girls keep an eye on it.”

Chan, 33, was reportedly in an on-off relationship with Xu, 32, after co-starring in the TV series Young And Beautiful (2021).

She rose to prominence after appearing in the web series Go Princess Go (2015), and Xu is known for her role in the TV series Well-Intended Love (2019).

Despite the two being seen together on numerous occasions, including when he openly cheered for her on the third season of the Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves, their relationship remained unresolved. has never been officially confirmed.

According to media reports earlier this month, Xu was suspected of playing Chan on two occasions after he was spotted with Uyghur Chinese actress Gurunazar.

Gulnazar, 30, shared Zhang’s post half an hour later, denying she was a third party in the relationship.

She said of Xu, “Even after being accused of being a third party online, I still can’t believe you’re a liar. After listening to this recording, I can clearly see what you are.” I did.”

Less than two hours later, Xu took to Weibo, detailing his relationship with Zhang and apologizing to her.

After he and Chan broke up on December 16, 2021, he had sex with another woman, but reconciled on December 24, 2021.

However, he said he was haunted by his “mistakes” and proposed to break up with Chan on January 16th of this year.

He confessed to her two days later, resulting in a just-released audio recording, and reconciled a day later.

Mr. Zhang wanted to break up with him on May 17th, but after a week of contact from June 6th, he cut off contact. He proposed to break up with her on July 10th.

Mr. Xu apologized to Mr. Zhang for hurting him and said he never regretted loving her. He also apologizes to Gurnazar for not handling her previous relationship properly, hurting her in the process.

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