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Kuwait: Chinese car brands in Kuwait have overtaken German and South Korean brands to become one of the leading brands sold in the country, said Zhang Jianwei, Kuwait’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. Speaking to the Kuwait Times on the sidelines of a workshop titled “The Future of Chinese Car Development in China,” the ambassador said Kuwait has around 78 international car brands, 22 of which are Chinese brands. rice field.

“According to 2021 statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China, China exported 17,859 vehicles to Kuwait, an increase of 81% over the year, with a cash value of $134.5 million, an increase of 99.4% over the previous year. “He said.

Great Envoy Zhang Jian

“This shows the superior technology of Chinese cars. About 10 years ago, after China opened up to the world, including Kuwait, China’s auto industry has expanded in all areas, especially in politics, economy, culture, and humanitarian issues. With the establishment of strategic relations between China and Kuwait, we have made great progress in the field of automotive marketing as well.We look forward to promising prospects for exchanges between the two countries in all areas. Yes,” Zhang added.

In his speech at the workshop, the Ambassador said that the Chinese vehicles have performed well and are well received in the Kuwait market. He outlined the reasons that led to the increased demand for Chinese cars. “Currently, new technologies are widely used, and the design and functions are constantly being upgraded. Continuously improving the user experience according to the demands of the domestic market is a major feature of Chinese cars,” he said. Told.

new energy vehicle

“From January to July 2022, China will export 295,000 new energy vehicles (NEVs), accounting for 46.6% of total exports. From introduction, independent production to overseas export, China’s auto industry has learned a lot and achieved great growth in foreign exchange and continuous cooperation.The policy of sharing benefits with other markets is our During the pandemic, without China’s appropriate prevention and control measures and close coordination in all aspects, China’s auto industry could resume work and production in time, and overall growth would not have been able to achieve the leap of

muhammad al duwaihith

Mohammad Al-Duwahith, vice president of the Kuwait Automobile Agents Association, told the Kuwait Times that the union’s role is to promote the auto market, especially Chinese cars, because there is a large demand for both the government and the private sector. He said it is to pave the way for development. in the region, especially in Kuwait. “Today, Kuwait has a large number of Chinese brands. Therefore, we expect this cooperation to be implemented in the near future and look forward to further cooperation with the relevant government authorities,” he said. rice field.

“The predominance of Chinese cars in Kuwait is largely due to our special nature as a country with a long tradition of using cars since the 1930s. Become an expert in the field.Since young people make up the majority of our society, technology is a prerequisite for every industry.China’s automobile industry is highly developed and cutting-edge. technology, it can attract many consumers, especially young people.

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