Therefore, most of his city description is from above, and then a short excursion from his hotel. He admits that the result of these repetitive but short experiences is a sense of intimacy that may be unjustified.

When the flight is over day and night, I want to remember the city I saw.
Marc Vannacker

His life may not have been without that turmoil-being gay, a child’s speech disorder consistent with a parent’s divorce-but the city itself is presented as an almost mysterious place, Vanhoenacker’s very domestic The result of reading the eyes of poets and early explorers, a comprehensive background, as well as the vision.

However, all roads lead to the backwaters of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, north of New York and west of Boston.

“How happy I was,” he recalls. “In the course of my research, I published an article about the resurrection of Pittsfield and its downtown in a London newspaper that is widely read in conference rooms around the world, and my parents. Since then, I have been in Pittsfield. I tried to incorporate it into every article I could. “And in every chapter of this book.

The cover of Vanhoenacker’s book.

The 1791 Pittsfield Ordinance contains a reference to baseball, which was first written in the United States.Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick (1851) There. It was the first place to offer night skiing.

However, Vanhoenacker also provides this level of quirky details in his description of walking through more alien cities. The first aircraft to take pilgrims to Jeddah was called Brak (“lightning bolt”). Uppsala, Sweden, is where Anders Celsius invented the scale of temperature that bears his name.s name AkihabaraTokyo’s pulsating electronics district means “field of autumn leaves”.

nevertheless Italo Calvino’s Invisible city (1972) A close look at the horizon of this book, with references to Nikolaus Kusa (Renaissance scholar), Gharib (19th century Indian poet), Najima Edries (modern Kuwaiti poet) and many other sources. apart from, Imagine a city It’s easy to understand.

Although its tone borders folk, this book is quiet and thoughtful, neither self-conscious nor sweet. Vanhoenacker, who now does this many times a month, says he can step into a cylindrical metal tube and, after a few hours, appear in another air, another sunlight, another world photo. Holds refreshing good luck and even surprises.

A glimpse of karaoke with the cabin crew, as well as an insider terminology tale. The vacation before the return flight is called the “down route”. A Klingon (“cling”) is a passenger who is a relative or friend of the crew. As a pilot, Vanhoenacker has a number that allows you to make toll-free calls from anywhere in the world, consult a doctor and call for medical assistance.

Vanhoenacker describes the cockpit of a British Airways long-range jet and the city as seen from his own ground excursion.Photo: Getty Images

Vanhoenacker describes the cockpit of a British Airways long-range jet and the city as seen from his own ground excursion.Photo: Getty Images

Frequent flyer isn’t enough to satisfy those who measure self-esteem, but not too much to drive away those who are more interested in their destination than traveling, but it doesn’t have a fully expanded story or sense of mission. To satisfy travel lovers.

“Once the day and night of the flight are over, I want to be able to remember as much as I can about the city I saw,” writes Vanhoenacker.

He has succeeded in making readers feel familiar with them.

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