The City of Hamilton’s Summer Internship Program concludes this week for the 13 participating students.

A spokesperson said:

“Out of more than 110 applicants, 13 students from various fields were recruited for paid internship opportunities. guided them through their entire on-the-job learning experience based on a personalized student plan that identified

“Students were placed in a variety of departments and roles throughout the organization, from finance and management to marketing and communications to engineering and parks. Students are encouraged to change departments during the program to gain additional experience. I was even able to

Lyndell Foster, City Director of Human Resources, said:

“At City, we believe in a fully immersive experience that helps summer students build a broad skill set in the shortest amount of time, and ultimately decide if this is a good choice for their future career. increase. “

A spokesperson said: Held in July. ”

Mr Roberts said: I really enjoyed the work environment and the people. Felt like family. Everyone was so nurturing and inspiring. I learned a lot about marketing and planning large community events. The program also helped me sharpen my “soft skills” such as how to formally respond to people via email and how to conduct professional conversations in the corporate world. ”

A spokesperson said, “Malaysia is currently attending Berkeley Lab and plans to study marketing and business management at university in 2023.

“Daniel Foote is currently a final year architecture student at Savannah College of Art and Design. I worked closely with the engineers.

“She has been closely involved in every step of the process, from choosing the right paint color to meeting with the contractor.

Foote said: Overall, I feel more confident working with the team. Not only did it help me recognize the skills I already possess, but it also helped me understand how to confidently showcase them outside the office.

“It was also really cool to be a part of the Earl Cameron Theater renovation project. I met with many of the contractors and builders on the island and felt very involved in the entire project. It was very rewarding to see the space transform in such a short amount of time.”

Dwayne Keynes, City of Hamilton Chief Executive Officer, said: In fact, many of our city employees started as summer students, so this program has been very rewarding for us. ”

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