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Digitization has spurred growth and has addressed many financial issues around the world. FinTech focuses on a wide range of practical applications, from all types of commercial activities and advanced banking transactions to the many challenges encountered in everyday life. In response to this fast-paced development, CityU, with the support of HSBC, organized the Fintech Olympiad 2022 (FTOL), a next-generation Fintech-savvy talent for the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Was cultivated. To avoid buying the car’s so-called “lemon” that was found to be defective after the deal, three CityU students form a team “LemonT” to record the logger and repairs of the car running on the app. Developed tamper-proof method, encrypted data system with data logging dongle and blockchain. With this idea, the team was awarded the bronze medal at FTOL 2022. The three City U students awarded are all from Germany and Australia with backgrounds in computer science and materials science and will be on the jury with innovative and practical solutions aimed at protecting consumers. I was impressed. Help interested and honest used car dealers build their reputation. “The team has named the project” Lemon T “, a creative twist on the iconic local beverage” Lemon Tea “, reflecting the project’s roots in its birth city,” said City U’s deputy. Professor Raymond Chan, the president (student issue), says. This year’s project was praised as a practical and influential Fintech and youth solution for everyday problems. The contest, which started in 2020, was originally called “Blockchain Olympiad”. Due to its popularity with students and growing interest in GBA, CityU has expanded its reach this year to cover FinTech and GBA universities with the support of HSBC. “We aim to expand the future pool of fintech-savvy talent who can work across borders,” said Professor Chan. Financial services is one of Hong Kong’s pillar industries. Under Hong Kong … Source link

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