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Strategic planning is considered a common management approach adopted by public, private, and non-profit organizations today to set priorities and guide future developments. This helps define the mission of the organization and establish realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with that mission within a defined time frame for implementation within the capabilities of the organization. Organization managers use this plan to make the most effective resource allocations for key priorities. Richard M WALKER, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at City U, to discuss strategic planning as a successful management approach adopted by public and private organizations and its positive consequences for organizational performance. The professor wrote a research article entitled “Does Strategic Planning Improve Organizational Performance?” ?? “Meta-analysis” in collaboration with Professor Bert George and Joest Monster. Published in 2019, from an administrative review 2019 he won the Louis Brownlow Award. The study supports the use of strategic planning and priorities by the U.S. government in the “Providing High Performance Governments” chapter of the “Analytical Perspective” of President Biden’s 2023 Budget, published in March 2022. Recently cited as evidence. Goal setting to define the effectiveness of the organization. The research article provides a random effects meta-analysis of 87 correlations from 31 empirical studies and tasks, revealing that strategic planning has a positive, moderate, or significant impact on organizational performance. I did. Meta-regression analysis suggests that strategic planning has the strongest positive impact on organizational performance when performance is measured as effectiveness and the format of strategic planning is measured as formal strategic planning. increase. Positive impacts are observed across sectors (private and public) and countries (US and non-US situations). The quote by the President of the United States is the recognition of research … Source link

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