The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has defended tree management records after logging Chinese banyan trees infected with “tree cancer” in Monha Hill Municipal Park.

The agency said it is working to strengthen tree management and care for the prevention and treatment of Brownroot rot.

Banyan trees in China are infected with the disease and their roots and stems have been removed after showing signs of “severe rot.” The IAM added that “there is no fungicide that can prevent and cure brown root rot,” so if you get a serious illness or endanger public safety, the trees will be removed.

The agency pointed out that “removal of infected roots, disinfection of soil, installation of physical separation barriers” is one of the methods used to stop or delay the spread of the disease in infected areas. ..

According to IAM, brown root rot, a common tree disease in the city, is the most prevalent in Gearhill and Monhahill City Parks, but there are “sporadic cases” in other parks and trees along the road. It is occurring. The bureau is strengthening inspections and working on “good tree management and care”.

The disease is caused by the “pathogen Phellinusnoxius”, where mycelium corrodes wood, becomes light, dry, spongy or white, and rots. Fungi can also damage tissues to carry water and nutrients, causing plants to lose their ability to absorb and carry water and nutrients.

According to the bureau, as the roots and roots of the tree trunk gradually decline, the tree completely loses its ability to support itself and is in danger of collapsing at any time. It can spread through “close contact with infected roots and infected tissues” and poses a risk to nearby trees and vegetation. IAM added that trees infected with this disease can be divided into two types. It is a tree that withers gradually and a tree that suffers from acute withering.

Upon identifying the infected tree, the agency said a series of treatment measures would be implemented. If treatment turns out to be unsuccessful, seriously ill trees and trees that pose a public hazard will be removed, Macau Post Daily reported.

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