Nine local charities have received the long-awaited financial backing thanks to the Clarien Foundation and its ongoing commitment to “strengthening and strengthening the Bermuda community.”

Charities represent a variety of areas, including health, education, family, entrepreneurship, and human rights.

Michael DeCouto, EVP, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of Clarien, said: Future needs of the Bermuda community.

“Especially as the island continues its pandemic recovery journey, nonprofits continue to provide essential services to help Bermuda and its people recover, so we need our help. recognizing.”

“The 2022 Clarien Foundation donations are:

  • Bermuda Cancer and Health
  • Bermuda Creative Learning Center
  • Family Center
  • Ignite Bermuda
  • OutBermuda
  • Reading clinic
  • Tomorrow’s voice
  • WindReach Bermuda
  • Young Men’s Social Club

Clarien’s EVP, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Michael Decut. Tiffany Paynter, OutBermuda; Stacy Hill, Voice of Tomorrow; Lynne Woolridge, Bermuda Cancer and Health; Laura Lyons, Ignite Bermuda; Tammalita Joseph, WindReach; Nancy Smith, Bermuda Creative Learning Center; Sandy De Silva, Family Center; Kendra- Lee Pearman, The Reading Clinic; EVP of Young Men’s Social Club Troy Lewis and Clarien EVP Vishram Sawant

Earlier this year, Clarien assisted many other charities, including the Bermuda National Museum, AGE Concert, Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia, and PALS. The World Bank also sponsored WeSpeak, a one-day expert meeting aimed at business women honing and improving their speaking skills. In addition, they donated $ 1,520 to the Ukrainian Foundation. Half of them were collected through Staff Denim Day in March and matched by Clarien. “

Windreach Fund Development Manager, Tammalita Joseph, “We are pleased that Clarien has chosen to support our education and treatment program. This donation will continue to empower approximately 200 individuals with special needs to visit our facility each week. At WindReach, we work with people of all ages and abilities, including those with physical and intellectual disabilities as well as those with mental health problems and dementia. Masu. Clarien’s support for Bermuda’s third sector has had a lot of impact on our community and we are grateful for their continued generosity. “

Lynne Woolridge, Chief Executive Officer of Bermuda Cancer Health CenterThe charity responded “very grateful” to the Clarien Foundation grants. This will allow the center to continue to offer important programs to those who fight cancer in the community. “Every year, more than 300 people are diagnosed with cancer in Bermuda and more than 80 die from the disease,” Woolridge explained. “Studies show that up to 50% of both cancer cases and deaths are preventable with today’s knowledge, and therefore prevention provides the most cost-effective long-term strategy for controlling cancer. Bermuda Cancer and Health Education Programs raise awareness, reduce exposure to cancer risk factors, ensure that people have the information and support they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and thus. It aims to reduce the risk of potential cancer. “

Dr. Sandy de Silva, Executive Director of Family Center, States as follows. “We are most grateful that the Clarien Foundation has consistently supported the Family Center’s annual Cup Match Tag Day event. Funding from this event is free to the Bermuda family. Supports the implementation of counseling services, community outreach programs, and advocacy initiatives. The Clarien-Family Center partnership promotes family healing, hope, and connections, and creates a healthier Bermuda for children. Unfortunately, as in the rest of the world, Bermuda has a number of children, young people and families who are mentally, emotionally and socially challenged for pandemics in addition to other existing challenges. Thanks to the Clarien Foundation for helping families provide the tools they need to build resilience, wellness, and empowerment. “

according to Stacy Hill, Head of Financing and Development for Autism Charity Tomorrow’s Voices, Charities are pleased to receive funding from the Clarien Foundation. “These funds will be used to support our treatment programs and to support individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Thank you to the Clarien Foundation, which is part of our mission. “She said.

OUTBermuda Chair Adrian Hartnett-Beasley said that OUTBermuda: “We thank Clarien for her continued financial support for our charity and the work we do here on the island. This grant is specifically used for programming to support the mental health and well-being of the LGBTQI + community. “

Nancy Smith, Financing Coordinator, Bermuda Creative Learning Center “The Bermuda Creative Learning Center is very grateful for the generous donations to the Clarien Foundation’s Scholarship Fund. It was otherwise unable to participate in BCCL and receive professional support, Go to support children with language-based learning differences. “

Troy Lewis of Young Men’s Social Club The organization also said it was honored to be a recipient of Clarien’s community sponsorship. “As a charity, we rely primarily on sponsorship and funding to fund our programs and events. This support can reduce registration costs. More importantly, one. You will have the flexibility to register for discounts or free of charge, depending on your financial situation. The funds received from Clarien are primarily the purchase of annual equipment such as balls, goal nets, training uniforms, and annually. Used for the annual Back to School Family Picnic. Clarien sponsorship helps young people acquire the skills they need to harness their time and energy in a positive and productive way. Most importantly, they learn to socialize, respect, and make new, long-lasting friends in a fun and safe environment. The YMSC Redevelopment Program appreciates Clarien’s continued support. I can not do it.”

For more information about the Clarien Foundation, please visit

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