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Hydrogen has emerged as an important alternative for decarbonizing multiple hard-to-decrease sectors, and on July 8, the Embassy, ​​the Dutch Innovation Network, and the Institute for Energy Resources (TERI) announced India and the Netherlands. White Paper on Hydrogen Cooperation “Towards a Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities for Cooperation between India and the Netherlands”.

Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Secretary-General of TERI, emphasized the need for international and technical cooperation in promoting India’s clean hydrogen economy. “The threat of climate change is a reality. Decarbonization of the economy with renewable energy and green hydrogen routes is a time consuming process. International cooperation and cooperation to accelerate climate change efforts. Is essential. TERI is proud to be part of this initiative by the Royal Government of the Netherlands to bring Dutch technology and green hydrogen expertise to India, “says Dr. Dhawan.

In publishing the report, Dr. SSV Ramakmar, Director (R & D) and Director of Indian Oil Corporation, emphasized “a great traction for hydrogen as a renewable and green fuel.” “India is in an advantageous position to signal the arrival of the hydrogen economy. It is a center of great demand and an energy-hungry country. Our energy appetite must be directed in the green direction. “Hmm,” said Dr. Lamakmar.

India currently consumes about 6 MT of hydrogen annually and is projected to grow to 28 MT annually by 2050, leading to the rise of India’s large hydrogen sector. Expertise in various areas of the hydrogen value chain. The two countries are increasingly calling for a bilateral research, trade and innovation partnership on clean hydrogen.

This white paper outlines current and future scenarios of hydrogen production, supply, storage, handling and demand in India. The report also focuses on identifying opportunities for collaboration and research and development between India and the Netherlands in the areas of electrolytic cell manufacturing, hydrogen storage equipment materials, and subsystem development. India and the Netherlands share strong bilateral relations and industrial cooperation, and both parties are seeking to leverage partnerships to build lasting relations in the era of the hydrogen economy.

Report: Towards a Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities for India-Netherlands Cooperation

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