Unique insights into life at Clipper 70 will be available this week as part of a free tour of a 70-foot racing yacht.

Thursday’s virtual tour allows the public to explore the stripped ocean racing yachts. [June 17]Face-to-face tour starts on Wednesday [June 15] until Friday [June 17]..

Deck tours above and below will give you a taste of living and explore different areas of the yacht.

The 1-hour virtual tour at 10am will delve into the Yacht of the Dare to Lead team, skipped by Nigel Parry, and will feature several crew members, including Chief Officer.

First finisher slideshow in Bermuda yesterday


Laura Ayers, Head of Partnership for Clipper Race, said the All Access Tour will allow people to “meet the characters and hear about the Ocean Race.”

She states: “For those who can’t be in Bermuda, it’s a great opportunity to take part in the race and get a little better understanding of it.”

Physical tours run daily from 1 pm to 7 pm, allowing people to experience the “feel, feel and smell of a yacht” and the limited living space of a clipper race winner. Visit Sanya, China on Wednesday, WTC Logistics on Thursday and Qingdao on Friday. All boats are at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

The Clipper 70 physical tour will also include a group of 20-40 students aged 6-15 from 18 local schools.

Ayers added: “It’s all about inspiring the next generation, and showing clipper racing is what everyday people do extraordinarily.

“Hopefully, these tours can inspire kids to think,” Someday this might be me, “or at least get on the water and become more active.

“We want people to realize that sailing is not necessarily an elitist sport. Especially in island nations like Bermuda, we want people to be involved in water.”

Sign up for a free virtual all-access tour of the Clipper70 racing yacht.

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