Tom Ryan arrives. Secretary of GAA. And John Costello. CEO of the Dublin County Commission.

The sun is shining on the lively Barry Mann Road. It’s an important day for Setanta. Official opening of their new ball wall and memorial garden.

A large rally was held to celebrate the opportunity. And to see what happened from the school blitzkrieg.

“Local schools are participating in the blitzkrieg,” explains Setanta Chairman SeánÓ Connachtaigh. “About 250 children are participating.

“There are cups and medals. They all go home with a goody bag, and I hope they are encouraged to be with us to play hurling and camogie. “

GAA President Larry McCarthy was also invited. However, his flight from the United States has been delayed. And the word was, unfortunately, that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it.

Still, long after most people have left, who goes through the gate, it’s a rally.

“That was totally unexpected,” reveals Setanta’s secretary Liam Brian. “After that, he stayed gracefully for over an hour and presented the children with cups and medals.”

Setanta is one of the great clubs in the city. Where Irish culture is embedded deep in the timber.

Music and songs are as part of this club as the game itself. And so many noble people have walked through these corridors.

The chair walks across the new Astro Pitch to the memorial garden hidden in the corner. He outlined how this important day happened on this day.

“Last year, I received a development grant. I decided to build a herring wall and an astro training surface.

“We had some money left, so we decided to set up a small memorial garden for all the deceased members and all the Barry Mann who died in the pandemic.”

It is a gorgeous dish decorated with colorful flowers. The plaque has been polished. And a wreath was placed to honor all those who passed by in this way.

“This is the first time many have seen a memorial garden,” Seán said. “And they were very impressed with it.

“It gives people a little opportunity to come here and think about families who may have died.

“That’s good. Life is very busy because everything is happening. It’s nice to just take a few minutes and ponder them.”

There is a lot of excitement from the pitch. All kids dreaming of becoming the next Fiorntan MacGibb.

Seant states that the club is looking to the future while cherishing the past.

“We all only have torches. There have been wonderful people here for years. The people who made this club.

“Unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us. They will be very proud today. The club owes them a lot.

“I’m lucky to have such a nice person here. Committee members, coaches and mentors, parents, members, and everyone involved. We will do our best to inherit the legacy. We are always We will respect and respect all players and committee members and members who have made significant contributions to Setanta.

“It’s our job to do everything we can for young players and future generations. We hope we can continue the wonderful tradition of the club.”

They never lack support. The community has worked to celebrate the official opening of the facility.

“It was a nice morning. And we are happy with the result. All the local councilors, TDs and businessmen participated. The mayor’s office was represented.

“It was very uplifting to see so many families here. Someone who may have been involved or had a family together before.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported this project. Without their help, this would not have been possible.”

Seant stands by the wall of a huge ball. The concrete is still fresh and awaits the sound of the slitter.

Already it has been rewarded. “We’ve seen player improvements since the walls were built,” he says.

“And the improvement can be seen at all ages. Not only boys, but also adult athletes.

“Walls are very helpful to the skill of the game. Its first touch, it’s very important, and it gives you that extra 5 percent.

“It may not appear that much on paper, but on the pitch it can make all the difference. The game is very fast now. And by working on the wall, the player’s touch It will be sharper.

“No hurling training is better than a ball wall, and it will be of great benefit to us.”

Next to the clubhouse, people were enjoying light meals, reuniting, remembering the old days, and looking forward to new things.

They hear that the juvenile sector is thriving and the senior sector is also humming.

The ground is next to the Ballymun Library. When this famous club book is written, its pages are flooded with inspirational figures whose existence never leaves the building.

As the chairman says, it’s all about walking on the shoulders of giants and keeping the show on the streets.

In this part of the city, the Setanta Garden is always in bloom.

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