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The price of cod is higher than ever. Prices have risen due to the Ukrainian war, sanctions, and reductions in quotas.

This situation contributes to record high cod prices. The price of frozen cod with headless internal organs exceeded 50 Norwegian krone per kilogram throughout the spring, with periods up to 60 Norwegian krone. This is 15-20 Norwegian krone higher than last year, E24 writes.

Above all, this increase will affect the UK fish and chips industry. British industry has relied on Russian and Norwegian cod for decades. Currently, cod fillets are in short supply, and the ones available are more expensive than ever.

“There is a limit to the amount that customers can raise the price of a piece before they choose another product,” Andrew Crook, leader of the National Federation of Fish Flyers (NFFF), an industry group, told the newspaper. ..

Fish and chips sellers want frozen fillets, and this product is even more expensive than whole fish. In recent months, Norwegian exporters have received more than SEK 100 per kilo of cod fillets.

At the same time, Nordea analyst Finn-Arne Egeness has not seen any future price declines.

“There is huge global competition, which benefits fishermen but leads to higher consumer prices,” he said.

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