Comedian Axel Blake has stated that he “can’t even describe his feelings in words” after being selected as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2022.

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer’s choice, a 33-year-old real estate maintenance manager from western London, spotlighted a £ 250,000 prize and a Royal Variety Performance bill.

Ventriloquist Jamie Lee Hay and his doll Chuck the Chicken came in second, and singer Tom Ball came in third.

Following the victory, Blake said: I’m trembling. Thank you for voting. It means the world to me. “

Comedians provided another witty comedy routine in the finals of the talent contest. This included joking that the public heard him mistaken for rapper Stormzy, but with added weight.

He also joked about how the intensity of London’s cyclists had to give him up the sport, but he’s still continuing his dance moves, which he showed on stage.

Cowell said he was emotional to Blake after the routine, adding, “We really believe we found the star.”

David Walliams added that he believed that this was a “victory performance” and a “storm” in the Royal Variety Performance.

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Ventriloquist Lee Hay missed the title slightly after opening the show in a routine that made the audience laugh.

A 13-year-old kid from St Helens in Merseyside teased Cowell during the performance and joked that the judge might eat him for lunch on Sunday.

Amanda Holden described her performance as “perfect,” and said Routine shed her tears.

After the ball provided a powerful rendition of me (nothing) by Tom Jones, the ball put the audience and the judge at their feet.

Holden described West Sussex’s performance by a 24-year-old high school teacher as “unbelievable” and “unforgettable.”

Among the finalists were rapper and pianist duo Flintz and T4ylor, who connected on social media and delivered inspiring original songs about their journey to the finals of the talent show.

Rapper Flints, 22, became emotional and lost the lyrics for a moment before being offered support by the judges.

Alesha Dixon, who sounded a golden buzzer in the audition round, said what he achieved at the show was more important than the mistakes he made during the performance.

Singer Loren Allred also competed for the crown by powerfully expressing the original song titled “Last Thing I’ll Ever Need” that he wrote after the audition.

A 32-year-old woman from New York, who was the voice behind the Greatest Showman’s track “Never Enough,” showed her “heart and soul” in a performance, breaking away from what she was famous for. It was praised by Holden.

Cerebral palsy comedian Eva Abry, 14, continued to laugh at the crowd in a stand-up comedy joking that she had been fired as a beautician for Boris Johnson.

She now said she was Cowell’s beautician and his party featuring champagne and caviar was “much better” than the Prime Minister’s “cheese and wine” issue.

The show also saw Amber and Dancing Collie make a strong comeback after being selected by the judges to return as a “wildcard act” from all third-place acts that did not achieve it from the semi-finals. rice field.

Dutch dog trainer and her dog sidekick Nymeria said this time a grease-themed routine featuring only one dog, after Cowell said he had too many semi-final performances with two dogs. Provided.

The 5 Star Boys also provided David Bowie’s hero with an emotional contemporary dance routine.

A group of boys aged 10 to 12 from all over Britain performed synchronized backflips, splits and jumps as smoke accumulated and sparkled throughout the stage.

Seven-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala from Warrington continued her passionate message of protecting the environment with another inspiring poem.

At first I was nervous for a moment, but I continued with confidence with the cheering voice of the audience.

Ben Nickless, 40, entertained with his mysterious camouflage of a famous face, including poking fun with hosts Ant and Deck and their many presentation gigs.

And street performer Maxwell Thorpe, 32, made a powerful rendition of the classic opera song Caruso, which Warriors said was “hypnotized.”

The finale at the Apollo Theater in London also featured a performance of the Sister Act: Musical West Endocast.

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