Hybrid Work Benefits Both Employers and Staff

Done right, hybrid work is a win-win. employers and their employees.

Employees make decisions based on what makes them most comfortable, efficient, and happy, so the freedom to choose whether to work from home or in the field and which days of the week is empowering.

Greater flexibility leads to balanced workloads, participation in team activities, and greater work-life satisfaction.Gallup research shows that employee engagement is produce better business outcomes Potential for 23% higher profitability. They also tend to stick to their workplace.

Therefore, it is in the company’s interest to give employees the flexibility to create their own schedules.

Concerns about flexiwork stigma

But there are legitimate concerns from workers about flex work. For example, losing visitation time with your boss can negatively impact your boss’s career.

Scholars call this phenomenon “proximity bias.” This is an unconscious tendency to favor those in our immediate vicinity.

This prejudice is unwise when remote workers can achieve as much or more than onsite workers.. a 2015 survey According to economists at Stanford University, remote workers at Chinese travel agencies have high performance levels, but lag behind in-house staff in performance-based promotions.

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