These efforts will reduce your health concerns and allow you to go out and enjoy your life. “”The “new normality” of these uncertain times.

Live now

For the past few months I have been celebrating my friendsWe celebrated our birthday with a lively karaoke session and enjoyed dancing while watching the sunset on the beach while listening to the intense beats of live DJ acts. In the past, without some snapshots I took with my friends to post on social media, I might have hardly remembered these experiences.

But lately, I’ve noticed how carefully I enjoy going out with each of the music I make. I’m worried that I’ve found love that has been lost for a long time and that it may disappear again. Like many of my fellow music lovers, we request our favorite songs and ask the musicians to provide us with one and another final Angkor.

If this current COVID-19 surge continues, or if a new threat variant has an ugly head, there may be protracted concerns that live music behavior may be temporarily curtailed again. I have.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong recently number Safe controls need to be strengthened at this stage, The government is closely monitoring the situation.The government needs to make adjustments as needed, he added...

We certainly understand that measures may need to be strengthened to save lives and ease the burden on healthcare professionals at the forefront of the battle. COVID-19 hospitalization gain “”It ’s pretty important. ”To the point where hospitals have begun to reduce non-COVID and selective treatment.

So it’s no wonder music lovers enjoy the good atmosphere we have and all the opportunities we can get to support the lives of local musicians as much as possible in the meantime.

I’m going to live completely at that moment, in case the live music is (temporarily) silenced again.

Karen Tee is a Singapore-based freelance lifestyle and travel journalist.

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