Doha: Commercial banks have their first webinar of the year in line with their commitment to support Qatar’s national development by providing customers with the best services and products, raising awareness and giving back to the wider community. It will be held. June 20, 2022, under the theme of “Communication in Uncertain Times-Issues or Opportunities?”

“The webinar will explain the importance of communication in the“ uncertain times ”based on what we have experienced over the last two years, especially in brand communication. In the wake of the rapidly changing news cycle and the aftermath of COVID-19, we gathered a panel of experts to share best practices and tips for communication and branding in difficult times, “says Commercial Bank. ..

Webins provide participants with the opportunity to hear from communication experts, get answers to the most common questions surrounding communication in difficult environments, and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.

The webinar will also introduce you to the journey of commercial banks and the communication methods that banks have followed. This has led to recognition at the world level.

The speakers of this webinar are: Julian Treasure, the founder and president of Julian Treasure Ltd. Hussain Ali Al Abdullah, Executive General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of CB Premium Banking for Commercial Banks. Dr. Boumediene Ramdani, Associate Professor of Innovation, Center for Entrepreneurship, Qatar University.

On this occasion, Al Abdullah commented: This webinar provides customers with the best advice and access to expertise from speakers, and is full of insights on how to communicate in difficult situations and how to build a continuous communication strategy to help the brand strive and succeed. We will provide you with the information you have provided.

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