Competition for British leadership intensifies as rivals compete for outflow spots


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The government wins a distrust resolution. That is, the government will remain in power while the Conservatives choose a new leader to replace Boris Johnson.

The government wins a distrust resolution. That is, the government will remain in power while the Conservatives choose a new leader to replace Boris Johnson.

The latest ballot left Rishi Sunak (center) and almost certainly seemed to be in the top two

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The battle for Boris Johnson’s success has intensified, with Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss and Chemi Badenoch competing to join Rishi Sunak in a Monday vote.

Conservative MPs will vote for the fourth time in the contest on Tuesday, electing Johnson’s successor as leader and British Prime Minister. He got 115 votes. He increased 14 votes last week, just five votes below the 120 votes needed to win it.

The second battle is not so certain. Former Defense Minister Mordant remained in second place with 82 votes. However, the momentum behind her campaign seemed stagnant as she lost one supporter. Foreign Minister Truss filled the gap with a total of 71 votes, with seven votes. And Badenoch got 9 votes with 58 votes. The remaining centrist candidates, Tom Tagendat, have been eliminated.

At stake is the opportunity for the two candidates to make their claim to the grassroots members of the Tories. This week, the field will be narrowed down to the final pair and broader party membership will make the final decision. The new Conservative leader, and Prime Minister, will be announced on September 5.

Later on Monday, after the results, Snack promised to crack down on the crime, including plans to introduce a harsh sentence to criminals who dodge the court if he wins leadership.

Focus on Tuesday’s ballot and focus on those who can beat the proponents of Tagendat, who are most ideologically similar to snacks.

Truss couldn’t knock out Mordant from the key second spot, but filling the gap encourages her. Nonetheless, she won just a few of the 27 people who supported Surah Braverman last week, even though the Attorney General endorsed Truss when she was removed from the contest.

Supporters of Tugendat

Foreign Ministers are having a hard time impressing the debate on television, and some Tory lawmakers on the right side of the party prefer Badenoch.

However, Badenoch won more new votes than trusses and mordants, but if she goes further, she still has a significant deficit to make up within 24 hours. Badenoch has never held a cabinet position, but was promoted by the support of senior Tories Michael Gove and proved to be popular with the party’s right wing.

The situation is subject to change as more votes are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, and will vary greatly depending on who the Tugendhat supporters support. Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelian, who assisted him, told Sky News that his supporters would move “as a pack” and decide who to support on Tuesday morning.

It can prove to be very important-if he chooses to support snacks, it could secure the position of the top two former prime ministers, but he is a companion in the race. If an outsider decides to help Badenoch, it could push her to 3rd or 2nd place, hitting a truss from the contest.

“Clean start”

“People are ready for a clean start, and our party must make it happen and regain credibility in politics,” Tagendat said in his post-exclusion statement.

The contest became hostile, with a tax cut promise that Sunday’s television debate fell into a clash over the government’s economic treatment, and even some Tories accused it of being unrealistic.

When the Conservatives announced the Acceleration Contest, they were just trying to avoid it. On Monday, Sky News announced that it would cancel the discussion after the withdrawal of snacks and trusses.

Snacks and Mordants have been blamed for attacks from rival campaigns, and Truss has accused Snacks of suffocating growth as prime minister by raising Britain’s tax burden to the highest level in 70 years.

Attack the mordant

Truss supporters are also aiming for a mordant whose momentum has surprised the camp of foreign secretaries. In an attack from former Brexit negotiator David Frost and Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke, Mordant urged a more cautious approach.

Earlier on Monday, Mordant’s boss, Trevelian, accused the junior minister of spending some of her time preparing for a leadership campaign over the past few months.

“There were times when she wasn’t available, but it helped, and another minister got the piece,” Trevelian told LBC Radio.

In future votes, Mordant will need a significant percentage of Tagendat’s votes to reach second place. Meanwhile, Truss knows that if he is knocked out in the round on Tuesday, it is his best chance to win a supporter of Badenoch.

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