Health officials reported this afternoon that the number of confirmed cases associated with recent community outbreaks has increased to 36.

The last two cases have been symptomatic, with 10 reporting symptoms and 26 asymptomatic so far.

According to the route trace, the cases are divided into two groups and there is a certain relationship between the two.

The first group consisted of 23 people, including 13 foreign employees who lived together, 3 workers who worked in different restaurants, 2 cafeterias, and an employee diagnosed in Zhuhai. it was done.

Another group has 13 people, involving a family of three Koroane prison guards, one of his colleagues, and a domestic worker.

It was also discovered that the confirmed patient shared the hospital waiting room with another confirmed patient.

Still, the exact cause of the recent outbreak has not been identified at this time.

However, Health Director Alvis Lo said that 90 individuals had to be retested individually because preliminary positive cases were detected in nine 10-in-1 mixed samples, and the last two cases were these individual cases. Said it was detected during the inspection.

The city-wide nucleic acid test started at 12:00 noon yesterday, and as of 4 pm today, 459,687 people were sampled, of which 269,628 were negatively tested.

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