Conor McGregor lived in Ibiza when he welcomed his family to a birthday liquor cruise around the sunny Party Island at no cost.

Joining the MMA star in the Spanish tourist trap was his fiancee devrin, mother Margaret, sister Erin, niece Taylor, and many of his friends and family.

A professional photographer was at hand to capture the memories of a birthday boy who celebrated his 34th birthday in style.

Clamlin natives posed with party attendees who made two specialty cocktails, “Tríocha A Seathair” and “The Notorious,” with his own suitable 12 whiskeys.

The models pretended to be theirs while carrying bottles of liquor around the venue.

A giant birthday cake and UFC belt adorned with his name in icing portrayed a fighter with octagonal cheers.

Dublin took off his shirt when the sparkler was illuminated by the centerpiece and when the crowd sang Happy Birthday.

“What a birthday party, thank you team,” he said sharing a snap carousel on Instagram.

“There is no party like MacDaddy Party #ibiza,” he captioned another series of photos.

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The infamous man, who turned 34 on Thursday, brought a luxury yacht to Ibiza prior to his birthday celebration.


Connor with his mother Margaret

His 3.5 million euro Lamborghini Technomar 63, called the “Sea Supercar”, joined him for a party in the Balearic Islands.

McGregor is believed to have packed up to € 500,000 worth of customization into the yacht. It is primarily characterized by his Proper Twelve brand, named after the whiskey he promotes.

He also owns a triple-deck superyacht with inflatable water slides, climbing walls, and a “sea pool” and welcomed him on Ibiza that week.


Connor painted his partner Dee and his sister

McGregor’s sisters Erin and Aoife jumped out to Ibiza for a celebration on Thursday. Erin, who became famous for the Dancing with the Stars, left her little son Harry in Dublin with his partner Terry. Erin’s 21-year-old daughter Taylor is also traveling.

Especially for jets, one of McGregor’s best friends and fellow MMA fighter, Cian Cowley, was arrested four years ago during the bust-up of the tour bus of Khabib Nurmagomedov, a fierce rival with Connor in New York. I did.

Another MMA fighter, former politician Paddy Holohan, is also with partner Chelsea Hudson, one of McGregor’s backroom teams, impressive coach Owen Rodi and his wife Kelly, and wrestling coach Sergei Pickleski. Participated in the celebration in Ibiza. Wife Olga.

Connor arranged a Black Forge Bus. The bus carried soccer teams around the capital and tourists to a pub of the same name purchased in Crumlin, took dozens of friends and family to Dublin Airport, and flew to Ibiza for Hooley. ..

When McGregor arrived on a balloon-decorated yacht on Thursday, he wore pink shorts and showed off his physique topless.

Fiancée Dee Devlin and his children, Conor Jr (5), Croia (3), Rían (14 months).

On Friday night, McGregor had a party that followed early yesterday morning, with hundreds of people attending.

Guests drank cocktails at the outdoor buffet. The outdoor buffet had a large “Connor” sign on arrival. Wearing an unbuttoned pink floral shirt and white pants, McGregor burst out of the birthday cake as the “3” and “4” balloons soared into the air.

Originally welcomed by Crumlin before moving to Lucan, McGregor owns two large yachts. We are based overseas.

The latest addition to his fleet is a customized Lamborghini superyacht for € 3 million.

It’s actually smaller than the 150-foot triple-deck prestige yacht he owns in Med, costs more than € 3.2 million before the option, and is mostly populated by friends and family.

He could reveal that he previously owned a small yacht that used to use a bog in Dun Laoghaire and sold it to a Kilkenny businessman who built a customized harbor on the River Nore to house it. I can do it.

MMA fighters flew to Ibiza on Thursday for their 34th birthday, and family and friends were taken to a specially hired large jet that could accommodate more than 100 passengers.

Earlier this year Sunday World reported that some passengers had to leave McGregor’s little private jet as it was filled with friends hoping to go on his liquor cruise around Italy and France. Did.

During the trip, Lamborghini of McGregor moored at the port of Monaco.

“Given his huge number of cars, Connor is clearly interested in cars, but not really interested in F1 racing,” the insider said.

“But some of his best friends wanted to go to the Monaco Grand Prix, so he moored the boat there for a few days. The cost of mooring a yacht there was about € 25,000 daily.”

Fighters have spent the past few weeks sparring and training with the aim of returning to the octagonal ring within the next few months.

McGregor, who lives near Straffan and Co. Kildare, is also busy becoming a real estate owner and developer.

We spent € 2 million on the purchase of Black Forge, another € 1 million on refurbishment, another € 2 million and the purchase of the Drimnagh Marble Arch Pub. There he infamously assaulted a man who refused to drink proper 12 whiskey.

The waterside of the house is the latest inn he has added to the chain, and the amount he paid has not yet been revealed.

“He didn’t end there,” another source said. “He will travel around the country several times, looking at various facilities and spread his wings all over the country.”

McGregor, who sold his stake in Proper 12 whiskey for an estimated € 100 million, predicts he will become a billionaire before he turns 40.

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