Johnson piloted the party for the biggest national victory in more than 30 years in 2019

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Boris Johnson suffered great turmoil as the Conservatives lost their seats in a major parliament in southwest England, raised new questions about his leadership, and lost popularity in the heart of the traditional Tories. I did.

The Liberal Democratic Party, usually regarded as a third party in British politics, overturns the majority of the Conservatives and favors Tories’ local constituencies, Tiberton and Honiton, since its inception in 1997. Did.

The result will renew doubts about Johnson’s future. Only over two weeks after four out of ten conservative MPs voted to expel him as a leader. The prime minister has faced intense pressure for months in a series of scandals related to his duties, including being fined by police as part of an investigation into illegal activity in Downing Street during a pandemic. I did.

With support for Johnson’s Tories nationwide slump in the crisis of living costs, his party’s rebels have set a series of potential hurdles, including by-elections for Burton and Honiton. Pointed out as a moment that could reinvigorate efforts to eliminate him.

The collapse of support in the Devon seat is particularly troublesome for Tory strategists looking forward to the next general election, which must take place by January 2025.

Johnson leads the party to the biggest national championship in more than 30 years in 2019 by persuading voters of the so-called Redwall Labor Party in northern England to uphold the pledge to “achieve Brexit.” rice field.

But Tory lawmakers in southern England are afraid that Johnson has been too concentrated in the north since then, noting the commuter belt and the southern countryside (a region that has long been considered conservative). There is a risk of considering it as.

The Tories have already lost two LDP seats since 2019, and party momentum is a direct threat to some prominent Tories, including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab.

Special elections in Tiberton and Honiton were triggered when Conservative MP Neil Parish resigned after admitting that he had seen pornography twice in Congress. He has represented the seats for 12 years and was returned in 2019 with a majority of over 24,000.

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