Bermuda’s Coral Wells received the Honorary Special Award for “Outstanding Achievement, Perseverance, and Commitment that Can Have a Positive Impact on Human Life” during the period of the Caribbean female inventor and innovator. did. [CaribbWIIN] An event in Antigua and Barbuda.

In May, female leaders from around the world gathered to become female pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs and influential people in career areas and sectors ranging from business, agriculture, art, marketing, education, technology, science and medicine. I celebrated.

The first Caribb WIIN 2022 in Antigua and Barbuda celebrated the top women in the Caribbean with the valuable support and cooperation of the Gender Authority under the Ministry of Social Transformation and Human Resources Development in Antigua.

CaribbWIIN highlights the achievements of outstanding women and presents many unsung women with pure tenacity, dedication, and determination qualities. The Caribbean event follows Global WIIN’s success in spotlighting the creativity of hundreds of women in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Coral Wells received the Honorary Special Award for “excellent achievements, tenacity, and commitment that can have a positive impact on human life.”

Wells said: “Everyone in technology should have equal opportunities. Diversity is essential, whether women, men, blacks or whites. From my experience, it can be a challenge for women to enter the industry. I know there is sex. I am determined and determined to influence young women in Bermuda and the world to help them realize their dreams. The reality is when women help each other. Amazing things can happen.

“I’m humbled to win this award, and I never imagined that CONNECTECH would give young Bermuda students an innovator, an aspiring technician, and a gamer.

“I’ve seen my curiosity grow, challenge myself, learn information, and be passionate about craving. I’ve seen every day, every year, a new and innovative way for CONNECTECH to thrive. We are encouraged to find and provide young people with the opportunity to build their robots and realize their dreams of creating their own games and mobile applications.

“Imagine a world that stimulates children’s natural thirst and passion for technology, learns new things, and gives everyone the tools to explore, advance and succeed.”

Coral Wells Bermuda June 27, 2022 (2)

Dr. Bola Olabisi, CEO of Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network [GlobalWIIN]States: “It’s time for the world to focus on attractive, unique and innovative remedies, concepts, products and processes that Caribbean women develop for social and economic growth locally and globally. rice field.

“We are fascinated by the many discoveries and innovations from the Caribbean and are excited to spotlight the intellectual property of many of these notable contributions.”

A spokeswoman said: “Some of the great women who attended the May event are those who offer new practical solutions that cover a variety of areas, including agricultural business, healthcare, energy, technology, fashion and the arts.

“Many of these innovations have shown the greatest potential for solving everyday challenges, but other women either to minimize waste or through new, highly needed approaches to education, business and wellness. And by empowering the lives of girls and girls, there are also things that advance sustainability. “

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