However, the law expected that the new wave would have less negative impact on the city’s economic situation than in February and March.

“Recent infections have seen a slight recovery, but you don’t have to worry about this,” he told a radio show Saturday. But he said the pandemic remains one of the key factors in economic performance.

“Of course there are a lot of variables, but we learned a difficult lesson in the fifth wave, which is why we believe we are better prepared and will not repeat the situation we encountered in the fifth wave,” he said. rice field.

The law said the drop in unemployment to 5.1% was better than expected, but he was cautiously optimistic about the future economic outlook.

“Looking at the numbers, the May drop is very important. There is a 0.9 percentage point difference between February and May,” he said.

According to provisional figures released by the Census and Statistics Bureau, the unemployment rate reached a high of 5.4% in the year from February to April and then fell by 0.3 points in the three months from March to May. On Friday.

The unemployment rate during the same period from March to May last year was 6%.

The law added that Beijing’s policy and geopolitics could also influence this figure, adding that it expects Mark to fall below 4% by the end of the year.

Police will step up enforcement measures in the pub.Photo: Handout

Health officials on Friday confirmed 1,014 local Covid-19 infections and 131 imported infections, almost doubling daily aggregates from last week.

Meanwhile, police said on Friday, at least 36 operators and staff, and 33 patrons in 12 pubs were fined or subpoenaed for violating Covid-19 rules.

16 male and 17 female customers aged 20-49 violate regulations such as not displaying Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) photos or scan records of the “LeaveHomeSafe” app in Tsim Sha Tsui, Rankeibo, and Tsuen Wan. I was fined for doing so. ..

Subpoenas were issued to at least four bars and one restaurant in Rankeibo, resulting in a seven-day and 14-day suspension, respectively.

Authorities have stepped up inspections at the bar in accordance with new rules that came into force on Thursday, requiring bar visitors to see photos of negative RAT results taken in the last 24 hours before entering the facility. ..

Customers who do not follow the rules may receive a fixed penalty notice of HK $ 5,000. Operators who are found not to confirm your test results will be suspended for 14 days.

Failure to comply with Covid-19 rules can also result in a fine of up to HK $ 50,000 and six months’ imprisonment.

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