“Auguries of Innocence poet William Blake writes,” To see the world of a grain of sand and the heaven of wild flowers. “

The bee brain is like such a small grain, but it can still build honeycombs according to simple structural rules. In the 18th century, there were naturalists who proposed that insects, under divine guidance, carry out this perfect geometry of hexagonal meshes.

Bees can be trained to play “soccer” — manipulate small balls into holes for sweet rewards — and bee lovers also talk about the movements of insect dances, and others in the nest. Shake to give people information about food sources. There is much more to surprise our people, who know little about the world of apiaries.

I noticed three small black bees on the cut flowers of a florist at the intersection of Grafton Street and Duke Street in the center of Dublin.There are thousands of footholds, some of whom are James Joyce enthusiasts. Ulysses..

Bees were a species native to Ireland Apis mellifera mellifera, There is some survival anxiety there. It was unusual to see them in such an urban context.

My bee ignorance is like Joyce’s other talent, the knowledge of an advertising slogan writer, but his work, Leopold Bloom, wanders the city by rushing a few inches of empty space into commercial facilities. I did.

One of Joyce’s slogans was for Uncle Arthur, revealed in the 1980s when Guinness held the exhibition. Country wineAt its visitor center, the ad “James Choice” said, “When it comes to writing the slogan, Joyce wasn’t leaning forward. He said” Guinness is good for you “” Guinness-freedom, flow, bubbling. ” I proposed to replace it with “fragrance”.

This is from Finnegans Wake HCE is proud to say, “I brewed for Alpine Pull Label, Wig Warming Wench (Speakeasy!). My epic brand Dublin Lindab, Free, Flo, Foam Fragrance. “

In their book Our friend James JoycePadraic and Mary Colum claimed that Joyce was “disappointed” that Guinness didn’t use it, according to John McCourt, the current Joycean best-selling author. Joyce’s Consumption: 100 Years of Ulysses in Ireland.

However, Joyce Ann’s inspiration was not comparable to a tropical bird with a giant beak that balances pints. The bird is Toco toucan (RUnfast Stoko), Hanging upside down, he was able to find a fig on his amazing invoice, which inspired them in 1935 at an advertising agency in London.

Graphic artist John Gilroy and writer Dorothy Sayers (who later became best-selling authors) were asked to create a new campaign for brewers. Gilroy painted a picture of a pair of black toucan-balanced glasses on his huge black-and-white beak. Ms. Sayers wrote a memorable copy:

I waited a moment at the flower display and asked the seller about the bees. They were regular visitors, but she didn’t know where they came from. Perhaps people in college parks, or high-rise apartments, have hives on the roof. Perhaps you were interested in Mr. Joyce.

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