Owners and residents of Kilkenny’s historic era homes, the proposed adjoining housing development, including a four-story apartment, will regain the “historical nature and heritage setting” of his property. It is said to do no harm.

John F. Fitzgerald of Orchardton House on Callan Road outside Kilkenny told Amboard Preanala over a March decision to grant permission for 183 homes, including a 32-unit four-story apartment. We aim to file an objection in the High Court. 20-40 meters from his house.

Orchardton was designed and built in 1817/18 by the then renowned architect William Robertson, who redesigned Kilkenny Castle. Fitzgerald owns the house in collaboration with the late Alexis G Fitzgerald and his brother Gerald Fitzgerald, the successor to the property of Mary P Fitzgerald.

Judicial review

On Wednesday, Fitzgerald, on an assessment basis (one-sided representative), applied to Judge Charles Meenan for a leave to go through a judicial review process with the board of directors seeking to revoke the decision. ..

Fitzgerald, who represents himself, said the four-story block is one of the key elements of the plan and has a “significant impact” on his assets. It was his claim that the board did not take into account the impact of development on his “assets of significant time”.

Judge Meenan instructed Fitz Gerald’s application to be heard by notifying the Board of Directors and the developer Cairn Homes Properties Ltd, in which he participated as a notifying party. He said the problem could return to October.

Cairn Holmes

Fitzgerald and his brother wrote many times to An Bord Pleanála in opposition to the development and for a meeting or oral hearing on the plan, but the board went ahead and last March 11th. I made a decision on the day.

In his affidavit, Fitzgerald said that at any time in preparation for the plan, recognition or recognition of the existence of an adjacent dwelling in his family was “completely unsuccessful” by Cairn Holmes.

He said the board’s decision was invalid for reasons including “the first complete deliberate failure” to acknowledge Orchardton’s existence.


Workers are calling for a Dáil debate about AnBord Pleanála …

The decision to comment or respond to the issue raised by FitzGeralds has failed. These included the landmark location of the four-story block and the overwhelming visual impact on the Callan Road / William Robertson Way roundabout leading to the city of Kilkenny.

He also failed to submit a statement on the impact on architecture with reference to Orchardton. Requesting Cairn Holmes to provide a photomontage or computer-generated image with respect to Orchardton’s potential visual shading was even more unsuccessful.

There was also a blatant breach of Kilkenny’s city and county development plans by Cairn in connection with the provision of architectural heritage, the provision of childcare facilities in new developments, and the lack of parking.

It “will destroy and abolish our privacy and affect the lives, health, safety and well-being of our families,” he said.

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