When Macau finished the second day of a week-long partial blockade, authorities announced the death of an elderly woman from Covid-19 and issued a harsh warning to potential rule violators.

“If people are found outside of smoking, if they are not wearing KN95 masks, or if they otherwise violate current regulations, they face prosecution.” People were arrested, with 810 warnings issued between midnight and 3:00 pm today, and the total number of people warned so far this week has exceeded 1,700.

“Blue card holders may also be arrested and fined, and their blue card may be revoked if they do not comply with executive orders.”

Mr. Chen said the prosecutor could track the arrested case as soon as possible and bring it to court as soon as possible.

The Department of Health reported the death of an 88-year-old woman who suffered from diabetes and heart disease and was infected with the virus on July 6.she is Third party who died for Covid-19 related reasons after July 3rd..

In the latest count, Macau has enrolled 1,583 confirmed Covid-19 cases. However, today, 25 patients have been discharged, bringing the total to 165. With over 4,000 people under medical surveillance at the hotel, both Studio City and Broadway hotels serve as quarantine facilities.

Healthcare professionals have discovered one new cluster, bringing the total to 19, with 15 participants at Edificio Vai Long. To date, no cases have been detected in Coloane Prison.

Leong Iek Hou, head of the New Coronavirus Response Coordination Center, said the results of rapid antigen and nucleic acid tests so far support expectations.

“The test continues to be very effective, and we can see that the number of positive pooled samples decreased in the 4th to 7th mass tests (94, 41, 23, 17),” she said. rice field.

“RAT can only detect high levels of virus and has an incubation period, which requires several mass tests.”

Leong said eight of the 17 positive pool samples found in the seventh round mass test were found in the main group. Three are from the food service industry and five are from the cleaning industry.

“We have not yet identified all cases of infection,” she said.

“We find that following the system in mainland China will reduce the number of registered cases of infection.”

The Municipal Affairs Bureau has announced that it will provide respite care services for owners who cannot take care of their pets, especially those who are in observation hotels or who are trapped. Red code zone.. So far, the station has accepted about 50 animals and, depending on size, costs 130-150 MOP per day.

On the other hand, police spokesman Lei Tak Fai said that if there are passengers in the car or the windows are open, the driver should wear a KN95 mask, but if he is alone with the windows closed, he will wear a mask. He said he didn’t have to wear it.

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