Cayman Islands Immigration Detention Center

(CNS): Nine migrants detained at Customs and Border Control Detention Centers were transferred to the Breakers Civic Center on Sunday after at least two were diagnosed with chickenpox. Authorities said public health was monitoring the situation and migrants were being treated.

CBC officials said Saturday night that tensions with other migrants at the center increased due to the “situation” in which some migrants appeared to have manifested symptoms of illness. However, they said that tensions were subsequently relieved and detention center disinfection was arranged to prevent further spread of the virus.

Authorities said “multiple migrants” had been diagnosed with chickenpox, but it was not clear why the nine migrants had moved or were all part of a group that arrived together.

The Breakers Civic Center is one of the four Civic Centers listed in the Mass Immigration Emergency Response Plan as an alternative migrant accommodation facility, where migrants will remain there until full recovery.

The CBC currently has 186 Cuban migrants in various locations.

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