Singapore-Elderly people want a convenient health care plan to suit their needs, while young people want a general practitioner (GP) to be trained to tackle mental health issues.

These were part of the observations from a series of public consultation sessions under the Ministry of Health’s healthier SG strategy mentioned by Health Minister Masagos Zulkifri.

He was speaking at the National Library in one of the sessions on Wednesday (June 16th).

In these feedback sessions, the general public provided opinions and suggestions on the formation of healthier SG strategies aimed at providing more collaborative care.

This includes helping your physician play an important role in preventive care, detect illness early, and prevent Singaporeans from being hospitalized as much as possible.

“From a medical planning perspective, older people want to be able to participate in something that is tailored to their needs, less energetic and closer to where they live,” Masagos said.

“For young people, they are more worried about mental well-being … they are accessible through their GP who can engage them and be trained to get rid of them from their stress and depression conditions. is needed.”

“Healthcare SG wants to address both physical access and mental health issues,” he added.

One of the core elements of Healthier SG is the National Registration Program, which assigns family doctors to all residents. It also involves building a lifelong relationship between each Singaporean and his or her doctor.

Their doctors will come up with a health plan for them, Mr. Masagos said.

“If they are healthy, (the plan) will cover how to maintain their health and prevent chronic illness; and for those who already have chronic illness, so that it does not get worse. How to manage it, “he said.

Since May, five such face-to-face public involvement sessions have been held, with approximately 500 participants so far.

The corresponding online feedback survey (continued until August 15th) collected over 1,800 responses.

The feedback collected will be investigated and incorporated into the white paper. The white paper will be discussed in Congress later this year.

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