Paul McCartney on a June 16, 2022 “Gottback” tour at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. AP

East Rutherford, NJ: Rather than Paul McCartney singing “Glory Days” on stage with Bruce Springsteen to celebrate his 80th birthday, or being serenade by about 60,000 Welwishers. It’s hard to think of a good way.

Yes, “Kawaii Beatles” will be 80 years old on Saturday, June 18th. This is one of the breathtaking cultural milestones, along with thanks for what he still offers.

More than half a century has passed since the Beatles disbanded, and the youth of the 1970s asked, “Was Paul McCartney in the band before the Wings?”

Another 1960s icon, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, will perform at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City on his 80th birthday.

The Beatles biographer Bob Spitz said, “He has a timeless youthful vibrancy. There are still some of the 21-year-old boys shining in all his performances.” It states.

It’s a cliché to suggest that time isn’t sacrificed, and it would be wrong. The fragility of his voice was obvious when he was singing “Blackbird” at MetLife Stadium on Thursday night. This is the last night of a short tour of the United States.

He struggled for the treble of his love letter, “Here Today,” to John Lennon, whose longevity was robbed by an assassin’s bullet.

Compassionate band skills patch the rough spots, along with the imagination and voice of the audience.

“Yes, yeah, yes, my birthday is approaching,” McCartney reminded him by scanning the audience’s signature. “I’m not trying to ignore it …”

The crowd offered a voluntary “Happy Birthday” serenade, even before the jersey man Jon Bon Jovi took out a handful of balloons during the Angkor and led him to another poem.

Another jersey guy, Springsteen, joined McCartney for a duet of “Glory Days” and a version of “I Wanna Be Your Man.” He later appeared from “Abby Road” to participate in a guitar duel.

For most artists, the emergence of such local royalty will be the best moment. Most artists can’t immediately follow “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude”.

On Friday, the McCartney team announced that they would package the other DIY albums “McCartney II” and the 1970 “McCartney” and the 2020 “McCartney III” into a boxed set to be released in August.

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