Government ministers have accused the opposition TD of setting a limit on the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.

After expulsion of Minister Darragh O’Brien, he argued that the issue of independent TD Carol Nolan could “take risks to social cohesion.”

He states: In that respect we will not introduce a cap. “

Laois Offaly’s independent TD, Ms Nolan, has accused the minister’s reaction of being shameful and ridiculous.

The line erupted at 12:25 pm when O’Brien saw Nolan repeatedly jabbing his fingers and threatening Doyle Airan to suspend his home.

Ms. Nolan asked, “Did the government make any assessment of the state’s ability to provide housing to its citizens in the light of the significant increase in domestic immigration, international protection and asylum applications?”

She added: “Currently, the number of people arriving in Ireland is 1,500 a month. I recognize that this is a difficult and sensitive issue, and to avoid being criticized by those who do not receive it the most. , You have to step carefully.

“But we have to find a way to explore the link between this state and unsustainable levels of inward migration or asylum to housing in a mature, practical and constructive way. I’m sure we can’t find a meaningful solution. Already in an overwhelming crisis. “

She referred to media coverage of the 700pc rise in just one category of immigrants and an anonymous Fine Gael TD report, making the system “more robust and impartial to all, citizens and non-citizens.” I asked to become. ” The impact of the British government’s Rwanda policy is “a runaway train comes to us and we have no way to stop it,” she said.

Nolan tells O’Brien:

“On these issues, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. Our political system must find a way to speak maturely and openly about these issues without fear. Minister 5 In a month, you will find that the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees has warned the government that it poses a risk to social cohesion and integration, especially in poor areas. “

She proposed to “put under control” an “immigration system that is barely functioning.”

“This afternoon’s adjutant’s comments are a respectful suggestion that poses a risk to social cohesion,” O’Brien said. Nolan immediately protested, saying, “That’s ridiculous.”

Michael Healy-Rae TD said the minister “lost his way out.” Meanwhile, Mattie McGrath, leader of the Rural Independent Group, mentioned the government bench and said, “The problem is over there.”

Despite Mr. Nolan continuing to brand him as “shameful,” O’Brien referred to the government’s response to “our friends from Ukraine,” adding:

“Our housing response (for Ukrainians) is an addition to all housing policies,” he said. “Let’s be clear. The lines aren’t blurred here.”

Nolan said: “The arrogance is incredible.”

The minister said he wanted to ask her a question directly. “Does she support this state, which provides shelters and safe ports for citizens from Ukraine fleeing the brutal war?”

Nolan pointed out that he asked the minister a question. “Is the minister asking the opposition now?” She asked.

She argued that the influx of Ukrainian refugees had an impact on the provision of housing to the people, adding Michael Healy Ray, “of course.”

If people did not allow the minister’s reply, Ceann Comhairle threatened to suspend the House of Representatives.

After that, O’Brien said:

“What she effectively wants is a cap on immigrants and asylum seekers in this country. Let’s be clear. I’m calling for that. That’s what she wants.

“We do not support it. We do not support the upper limit for Ukrainians to come here who escaped the war imposed on them without their own negligence.”

He admitted that it brought a challenge, but the Irish people understand it. “This is a welcome country,” he said.

“In our history as people, we had to look for safe ports around the world. In some of those countries, we were treated very badly. I’m not going to allow it to happen here in Ireland. “

He asked if Mr. Nolan wanted to distinguish between the different groups that came here. She is a question branded as “absolutely ridiculous”.

Mattie McGrath said the government made a distinction.

Nolan replied: “The minister’s comments are absolutely ridiculous, as are the reckless policies he is implementing.

“Does the minister say he welcomes everyone just by staying asleep on the hotel floor for years? That’s what he says. That’s how reckless his government was. is.

“How misleading he is to tell me what I said. I asked him a very direct question. There is a housing crisis. The situation is unsustainable. You can give home to everyone. The minister needs to get off his tall horse, face reality and facts, and listen.

“I want to make it clear that I don’t want to see people fleeing war and real persecution sleeping on the hotel floor for years. Also, the Laois / Offaly family left without accommodation, I don’t want to see you on the housing list for 10 years. I dare to say that the minister answered me that way and falsely told me what I said.

“The minister is miserably failing, so it’s better to work. He’s failing Irish citizens. He’s failing his own people and immigrants as well.”

O’Brien replied: I would like to encourage people to read the record of what Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nolan said in the opening question.

“People can decide for themselves whether she distinguishes between our own Irish people and, in other words, the adjutants, those who come here in search of a safe port and shelter. We do not intend to limit the number of people who come here. “

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