The total number of cases per day yesterday (Tuesday) increased by just 18 and 5 were found within the community.

A total of 13 cases were found in the Red Code Zone and the Medical Observation Hotel, but 2 were closely related, 2 were found in the Citywide NAT and Key Groups NAT rounds, and 1 was among other population groups found within the community. Found in.

This represents a slight increase from the 10 cases found on July 18, three of which occurred in the community.

Closures of all non-essential commercial and industrial services have been extended for five days until midnight on July 23.

From July 18th to 22nd, there will be three new mass test rounds, each lasting about two days, but with an extended opening schedule.

Secretariat for Social Affairs Elsie Ao Ieong U has already indicated that the integration period, in which the current pandemic regulations will be gradually relaxed, will begin on July 23.

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