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Rosma Mansour, the wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, was found guilty of corruption on Thursday (September 1). She was sentenced to her ten years in prison and her RM970 million (US$216 million) fine.

Rosmah was found guilty of three counts, each sentenced to 10 years in prison. All three prison terms are served simultaneously. There is a stay of execution pending appeal in the Court of Appeals. She is allowed to remain on her current bail of 2 million ringgit.

During mitigation, Rosmah told the court she was saddened by the decision. I begged for your kind consideration.

Here’s a timeline of what has happened since she was indicted.

A traffic accident involving a car and a Tower Transit bus left two people dead early Thursday (September 1) at the intersection of Woodlands Avenue 9 and Woodlands Avenue 4.

The 32-year-old man driving the car was pronounced dead at the scene. A 53-year-old woman who was on the bus later died in hospital. Nine others of her were taken to Koutek Puat Hospital.

A police investigation is ongoing.

Describing the measures taken against the Singaporean swimmer, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said the evidence was inconclusive and a urine test was negative.

However, he said Schooling and Lim were “honest” and admitted to using drugs in the past.

He added that Lim had “drug paraphernalia” and was warned about it.

Shanmugam stressed that the government will not send people to rehabilitation centers or issue warnings if they do not test positive or are not currently taking drugs. He added that CNB will take action if there is clear evidence of current use of the drug, regardless of whether it took place abroad or abroad.

Teachers CNA spoke to outlined strategies they use when students become aggressive in class.

Most teachers say violent threats from their students are rare.

The Department of Education said schools may implement detentions, suspensions and corrective community service depending on the circumstances of each case.

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