The metropolitan area has seen near-perfect blue skies for the past few days, with the exception of clouds covering the eruption of Meradaryl.

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According to RÚV, gas from eruptions gathers towards the bottom of the cloud, making it darker than water vapor at the top of the cloud. The Icelandic Meteorological Service predicts that a change in wind direction could move some of the gas pollution into the metropolitan area around noon today.

Rangers patrol the eruption site

Two paid rangers patrol the eruption site on weekdays, and three are there on weekends, Vísir reports.

Justice Minister John Gunnarsson has reportedly said that search and rescue volunteers are not a long-term solution to the eruption’s traffic, but that rangers are being brought in to help with public safety efforts.

Some people wonder if two or three rangers can do the work of 50 search and rescue volunteers.

“It definitely helps, but I think we need more than two or three rangers. Field Command Regional Director Steinar Þór Kristinsson said.

Many purchase equipment for hiking

Outdoor gear stores report huge numbers of people buying headlamps, walking poles, and other outdoor gear needed for the hike to Meradaryl.

Record-breaking numbers of visitors travel to the eruption, many at dusk, so it’s very important to be prepared for the situation. Many tourists seem prepared to walk in the dark, but some don’t have proper headlamps.

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