Actress Dame Sheila Hancock looked back on her old age and said, “We can’t learn from our mistakes” when we lost our deceased husband.

Ame Sheila, 89, is a stage and screen star who won the Olivier Award for her role in the 2007 cabaret and has appeared in EastEnders and The Rag Trade.

Dame Sheila, who told Saga magazine, looked back on the shortcomings of old age and the myth that people get smarter as they get older.


Sheila Hancock and her deceased husband, actor John Thaw (Adam Butler / Pennsylvania)

She tells this publication for people in their 50s and above:

“We don’t learn from our mistakes. I don’t. I’ve known for years that bathroom tiles become slippery when wet. I get a rubber mat I intended. Three months ago, I fell and broke my wrist. I haven’t bought a mat yet. Wise? “

I laughed more when John was alive, but I laughed at myself and laughed a lotDame Sheila Hancock

Dame Sheila also talked about the disappearance of her deceased husband, actor John Thaw, who died in 2002.

The pair starred side by side in the television series Kavanagh QC.

“I laughed more when John was alive, but I ridiculed myself and laughed a lot,” she said.

“If I was watching something on TV, he was incredibly cynical and so funny that I’m trying to imagine what he’s saying about it.

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“I miss it terribly. He gave me a sense of balance and made fun of me about my” Messiah complex “as he called it.

“He was great to remind me that I’m probably too worried about things and always trying to change the world, and you can’t change everything, or certainly anything . “

The two married in 1973, and Dame Sheila explained why she never got tired of him.

“They tell me John [Thaw] Did you say that you were proud or enjoyed? What I liked most about her husband in her life was that I didn’t know how he would react or what he would do.

“That’s why I never got tired of him for 30 years.”

Dame Sheila became an OBE in 1974 and a DBE for services to drama and charity in 2021.

The July issue of Saga Magazine has been published.

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