The tragic Tyrone Harler, Damian Casey’s family, said their hearts were broken.

Hundreds of people saved their relatives on Sunday night with emotional vigilance in his hometown of Dungannon.

The 29-year-old died in a pool accident in Spain.

Damian played for the local Eoghan Ruadh GAA club and at the county level with the Tyrone senior soused herring team.

He is considered one of the best Harlers in the county.

A statement from the Casey family was read at the guard post.

They say: “Our family has been hit by the worst news we can imagine and our hearts are broken.

“I can’t put into words how much the catastrophic news of Damian’s death was.

“Thanks to the support we receive from the local community and across the country.

“We want everyone to avoid lazy speculation and be given the time and space to handle what happened as a family.”

At the request of his family, those who attended the 6 pm alert wore GAA jerseys.

The club ground flag was blown off with a half-mast.

Items commemorating Mr. Casey’s life, such as Harley, Tyrone jersey, and photographs, were placed on the table.

Teammate and friend Thienan Morgan wept as she read Harler’s prayers.

Another teammate, Connor Grogan, was among those who spoke on alert.


After the tragic death, Vigil was held at the Dungannon Eogan Ruad Herring Club for Damian Casey of Tyrone Harler.Photo by Declan Rawen / Presseye

Earlier, he tweeted. Teammates, friends, leaders. He’s a cracked Harler, but he’s even better. “

Michael Carr, President of Ti Lung County, said he was “a person who brought honor, joy, and simple and candid joy to and far beyond our county.”

“Damian Casey was a special gift to Tyrone and Harling. We were richer for his existence and poorer for his passage,” he said.

Gaelic Players Association tweeted. “Players across Ireland are hitting Damian Casey’s family and friends, as well as everyone at Dungannon’s hurling club and Tyrone GAA.

“Damian stood out as a person and as a leader. On the pitch, he was a magician of unusual skills. He was one of us. He was one of the best of us.”

Casey starred as Tyrone beat Roscommon five points in the Nicky La Card Cup final at Croke Park on May 21st. That day he won 14 out of a total of 1-21 on the team.

In the semi-finals, he scored an impressive 1-12, surpassing 400 championship points.

He won the trophy for the second time, and in 2014 he lifted the first Tyrone side as captain, offering what is called an “inspirational” performance and scoring 8 points against Fingal in the cloaker. ..

During his decade of service, Sharp Shooter scored 39 goals and 908 points, or 1,025 points, for Tyrone in league and championship action.

Casey’s record has made him one of the deadliest forwards in the country in recent years, and his stats are comparable to senior championship tycoons, including senior-level record scorer Cork’s Patrick Hogan.

In fact, Hogan’s average points per game is around 8.4, but Damian Casey’s points were 10.01 at the time of his last outing.

He was a former student of St. Patrick’s Academy in Dungannon.

A statement from the school said: Damian was a great sportsman and the most prolific Harler of the Academy and Tyrone. He represented both elegance and skill. “

In an interview with Belfast Telegraph last month, Casey said, “I grew up wanting to play for Dungannon and Tyrone for the rest of my life.”

In his amazing scoring record, he states: “Take a deep breath, step back from the ball, look at the ball, look at the post.

“A few steps forward, a few more breaths. Such a thing.

“The opposition team will scream and opposition fans will stand behind you, but it has its set routine, going through it every time, and repeating it.

“Whether it’s the first minute of the game or the 70 minutes of the game, it’s natural. It must all be fluid and natural.

“And hopefully the ball then crosses the bar.”

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