Damian Kammer is again Galway’s Talisman, scoring two goals in the second half and advancing his county to the All-Ireland Senior Football Final.

Delhi first unmarked, and Brendan Rodgers scored the first point in the evening, adding more minutes later.

Delhi’s gentle start was in contrast to Galway. Goalway suffered from many poor wides in the opening 20 minutes.

The corner finally put his side on the scoresheet in the 22nd minute, but Delhi continued to have the ease of the game until the break.

After Shane Walsh’s 45 split the post on Hawkeye’s problem and dominated Wide, Goalway went into the dressing room one point down from 0-4 to 0-3.

However, when authorities picked up the mistake, the score was corrected and the tribesmen returned to the field at the second half of the level.


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Fired by a fateful shift, Goalway scored three unanswered points before Comer split Delhi’s defense into the best Odran Lynch to score the first goal of the game.

Despite tentatively issuing a yellow card, Comer scored a goal in front of the goal and took advantage of the goalway turnover in the middle of the field.

After Lynch abandoned the line, Anadown’s clubman got a long ball, leaving him an open goal and Comer properly found the back of the net.

Lachlan Murray’s comforting goal at the time of his death organized the scoreline from a Delhi perspective, but the surge in the second half wasn’t enough to change the outcome-Goalway wins, 2-8 to 1-6. ..

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