Former Mediacorp DJ Daniel On has announced that he has opened his “largest restaurant ever” in The Star Vista.

Ong expressed excitement at the opening of his third outlet, despite revealing in an interview last month that his “Korean-influenced steakhouse”, Dan’s Steak, was “not broken anywhere.” did.

His 46-year-old ex-wife, Haimeteo Chai Lin, started 12 cupcakes in 2011.

Between 2013 and 2014, seven foreign workers employed at Twelve Cupcakes were found to have low wages.

The duo sold the company to Kolkata-based Dhunseri Group in 2016 for S $ 2.5 million.

On also closed all three stores in his restaurant Rookery in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last February, Teo was found guilty of 10 charges under the Foreign Workers Employment Act and was fined S $ 65,000.

On then said The 8th He lost all his income after the 12 cupcakes incident. He opened the first Dan’s Steak Outlet as a “necessary item” in Serangoon Gardens in April 2021.

He opened a second branch along the Upper East Coast Road last November.

“We are very excited and excited about the biggest Dans steak. It took a while to refurbish, and finally on July 12th we will get it for you!” On said in an Instagram post on July 9th.

“For our beloved friends who frequently visit Star Vista for church on Sundays, you will know where to go after that. 😉“He added.

Mr On said he and two other partners had invested “about $ 500,000” in Orchard last month to open the oyster bar and the estuary of “pescetarianism.”

He said The 8th A few months ago, sales were less than stellar, so it was “tough” for Dan’s Steaks and the business was “far from the break-even point.”

Netizens commented on the announcement with criticism.

“We’re not stupid to think that when you open a new outlet, there’s no break-even point. You just want to get the exposure of the first timer to try it once, a few months later. , Reportedly, all three stores will be closed. “ Facebook user Lubber Duckiee said.

“Think he’s just trying to hype it. Open more stores for exposure and then sell off the entire franchise. Investors want to do due diligence.” Facebook user Ethan Lee YS warned.

Others have also pointed out that location can be an issue. “But how do you fight the i-Steaks, which are hugely popular on the same floor?” Asked netizen Zhang Pingchen. / TISG

Former owner of 12 cupcakes, Daniel On, opens a steakhouse “as a necessity”

After Daniel Ong opened his “largest ever” third steakhouse in The Star Vista, netizens criticized the announcement for its first appearance in Independent Singapore News-latest and latest news.

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