File Photo: Vanessa Bayer, Dwayne Johnson, Jameela Jamil and Kevin Hart will attend the premiere screening of the DC League of Super-Pets on July 13, 2022 at The Grove AMC14 in Los Angeles, California, USA. (REUTERS / Ringo Chiu)

Los Angeles: The DC League of Super-Pet, an animated adventure about a superhero’s four-legged friend, topped the domestic box office revenue for $ 23 million from 4,313 theaters.

The Warner Bros. Pictures sold enough tickets to beat Jordan Peele’s “Nope” on the North American charts, but given the movie’s $ 90 million price tag, it’s a mediocre start. Sure, the army of superpets isn’t as well recognized as Superman or Aquaman, but the “DC League of Superpets” is, given its partnership with DC Comics and the cast of high-wattage voices at Dwayne. It may have resonated with the audience a little more. Johnson and Kevin Hart.

In the pandemic era, “DC League of Super-Pet” is another children’s movie that struggled to startle with box office revenue. Family movies have recently become mixed bags. This is a concern because it is a demographic that has always been a reliable source of income.

When it comes to the start of weekend earnings, the DC League of Superpets is Pixar’s Light Year, which debuted at $ 51 million, and Universal’s Minions: The Rise of Guru, which opened at $ 107 million. Arrived behind. But its beginnings coincide with other pandemic family-friendly films such as The Bad Guys ($ 23.9 million), Sing 2 ($ 22.3 million), and Disney’s Encanto ($ 27 million). ..

However, the “DC League of Superpets” may have an advantage as there is less competition in the future. This helps viewers like the movie that landed the “A-” CinemaScore.

“This is a modest opening by the standards of an animated series,” said David A. Gross, who runs franchise entertainment research at a film consulting firm. “Recently, the execution of some animated films has been extended to six weeks, producing healthy domestic multiples.”

As Gross points out, some animated films start late, but many show a lot of patience in box office revenue. For example, “The Bad Guys” and “Encanto” each finished their theatrical release in North America for $ 96 million. And “Sing 2” has a particularly long leg, winning $ 162 million.

Another new national release this weekend, the dark comedy “Revenge,” inspired by BJ Novak’s true crime, barely broke the top ten.

Novak, who also wrote the script, depicts a New York-based journalist and podcaster traveling to Texas to investigate the death of a girl he was casually dating. The well-reviewed “Vengeance” appealed to most male viewers (males accounted for 55% of ticket buyers) who gave the movie a “B +” CinemaScore.

The “DC League of Super-Pets” won easily over the weekend, and “Nope” slipped from the 3,807 venue to second place for $ 18.5 million. So far, the UFO thriller starring Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer has generated $ 80.5 million in North America. “Nope” has not yet been opened with international box office revenue.

Disney’s Thor: Love and Thunder came in third at the theater for $ 13.1 million from 3,650 locations on its fourth weekend. These ticket sales have pushed Marvel’s adventures to more than $ 300 million in domestic box office revenue, bringing the current total to $ 301 million.

Internationally, the fourth “Thor” movie has total revenue of $ 361 million, bringing the total worldwide to $ 662 million.

“Minions Featherize of Guru” ranked 4th and won $ 10.8 million from 3,578 cinemas on its fifth outing. The latest Despicable Me is one of the few children’s success stories in pandemic box office revenue, selling $ 320 million in North America and $ 710 million worldwide.

Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick closed the top five with $ 8.2 million on the tenth weekend of its release. Two months later on the big screen, Tom Cruise’s blockbuster earned $ 650 million in domestic box office revenue and was able to stay in the top five on the weekend charts since Memorial Day weekend. In the near future, it will surpass “Titanic” ($ 695 million) and “Jurassic World” ($ 655 million) to become the seventh highest-grossing movie in the country.

Elsewhere, A24’s multiverse adventure “Everything Everything All At Once” has cleared major box office revenue milestones, surpassing $ 100 million in worldwide ticket sales. It’s the first A24 movie to benchmark its box office revenue. Re-released in a domestic theater over the weekend, the film was a sleeper hit, earning $ 68.9 million in the United States and $ 31.1 million abroad.

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