Over the past two days, several dead birds have been found along the beaches of the South Shore, and Department of Environment and Natural Resources officials have collected “more than 95 birds within hours.”

A government spokesperson said: [DENR] Between June 5th and 6th, 2022, Bermuda Aquariums, Museums and Zoos can be advised to have received reports of multiple dead birds found on the beaches of the South Shore.

“DENR officers were dispatched to the beach to collect more than 95 birds within a few hours. Further reports of birds floating from the South Shore in rough waters associated with the passage of a tropical cyclone Alex. rice field.

“The majority of the birds found were Great Shearwaters. [Puffinus gravis].. In some cases, the birds were thin or thin, but some appeared in good health. Detailed examination and autopsy of some birds are still pending, but the animals showed no obvious signs of trauma or infection.

“The Great Shemisphere is a cross-equatorial migrant that breeds in the Southern Hemisphere, heads north in the summer, and” winters “at latitudes above 45 degrees in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. During the transition, Bermuda is often used as a stop for them to rest and eat.

“The breeding range of this species is limited to two small islands in the Tristan da Cunha group in the South Atlantic, and most young people leave the colony in May. Their estimated total population is about 15 million. ..

“From May to August, this species, which peaks in June, has multiple explanations for mass mortality events associated with its migration to the north. Coupled with the tropical cyclone Alex, they are usually on the move. The death of the bird probably resulted in the landing of birds in Bermuda.

“If seen, the general public should leave a message on BAMZ Wildlife Rehabilitation Hotline 293-2727, ext. 999, and provide the location, date, and current number, rather than dealing with dead birds. I recommend it. “

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