The defamation allegations against the newspaper over the article on the Duke of Sussex’s proceedings against the Interior Ministry will be held for the first time on Thursday.

Allie is suing the email publisher, Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), on Sunday. When he was in England, the paper published an article after a hearing was held at the Duke’s claim of another High Court.

This work was published in February under the following heading: Disputation. “

At a preliminary hearing in London, Judge Nicklin is asked to determine the “natural and ordinary” meaning of the part of the claim article.

The judge also considers whether they are facts or statements of opinion and whether they are deficient in his decision, which is likely to be given in writing at a later date.

Harry said in his written claim filed in court that the report caused him “continuing substantial wounds, embarrassment, and pain.”

The Duke’s legal team said that the “natural and ordinary” meaning of the email in Sunday’s press was “lying” about always willing to pay for police protection in Britain, and “inappropriate and” Ironically, he argued that he tried to manipulate and confuse public opinion, “argued by allowing his” Spin Doctors “to make false and misleading statements.”

Harry made another claim to the home office after being told that he would not be given “as much” personal protection security when visiting from the United States, despite offering to pay for himself. I am doing.

He claims that his private protection team in the United States does not have sufficient jurisdiction abroad or has access to the British intelligence needed to keep his family safe. increase.

However, the Interior Ministry’s Robert Palmer QC had previously told the court that the Duke’s offer for private funding was “irrelevant” and that “police guarantees of personal protection are not available on a privately funded basis.”

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A defamation preliminary hearing will take place on Thursday at 10:30 am in the Royal Courts of Justice.

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