Bermuda cricket players Delray Rawlins and Stephen Kelly have recently been active on their respective teams.

Del Rey Rollins

Del Rey Rollins and his Sussex teammate lost to Gramorgan in four wickets at Sophia Gardens.

Sussex recorded 149/8 and Tom Alsop continued to be in good shape with a bat on the T20 cricket from 28 to 34. Rawlins entered at number 6, with 16 to 27, and knocks included up to 1, 4, and 2. ..

In reply, Gramorgan scored 151/6 and Colin Ingram made 57 out of 43 deliveries, giving the host the best chance to win the match. Rollins ended up with the number 3-0-21-0.

Stephen Kelly

The match between Stephen Kelly and his Newport Cricket Club Welsh teammate Port Talbot Town Cricket Club was canceled due to rain due to an attempt to track down.

Newport defeated Toss and sent Port Talbot to the bat. They scored 174 points and Kelly returned a number of 7.4-0-31-3.

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